thoughts on hiking.

I don’t want to kick a ball,

I don’t feel like getting drunk,

and shopping hurts my feet,

In many ways I don’t fit into the modern world, but I find releaf in hiking.

There are no time restrictions, the minimum amount of people to hike is one, me.

And I see it as a way to deal with the compexities of the modern world.

A few small steps

I hiked for 3 hours today, with a backpack and a bottle of water.

the average human walks 5km in an hour… so 15km?

it doesnt seem far, but I felt it.

A few small steps, towards my goal of a 9 day wildernes hike.

melbourne thoughts

I was really stressed out not to long ago, feeling the weight of the world, and it moving at a different pace and direction to me.

I felt like I could not find air suffocated in a world of things, items and rules.

I put my books in my car filled up a drink bottle and just went for a walk. time to think.

walking through streets, crossing at lights, walking less crowded suburban streets, I eventually after a hour of walking made it to a river.

I watched as the water glistened. felt the leaves and the unpaved surface, along the river there was a path along the rock outcrop that followed the river downstream.

I followed, watching my footsteps, ducking under trees, and watching the river. I then reached a point where I was happy with that the land hand given me, peace of mind, connection, breathing space. I then headed home.

Since than I have been spending atleast 2 hours a day out in wilderness, on dirt paths, letting myself become overwhelmed, in best way, the only way nature can. The vast, untamed landscape with no one around.

Does nature overwhelm you? how do you connect with the land? what do you think about big cities?

doing homework on the floor

study better on an empty stomach?

study better on the floor than at at desk?


no food only water when studying or meditating on an idea.

eight glasses of water a day

2 glasses milk

3 glasses water

1 glass orange juice.


over heated

three jumpers in the middle of summer,

two pairs of pants,

and two pairs of socks,

Why do I torture myself in such a way,

emotions while over heated,

are there benifits to being tooo warm?

I can feel it when I train in the gym being hot feels good as I get places faast,

but being overheated in my daily life,

what does that do?

overheated intense emotions, cant eat.

idk I like to feel bad, so I can feel good

watching the same film

watching the same film again and again,

as a way of meditation,

as a way of passing the time,

as a way of thinking more deeply,

as a way of letting your mind wonder,

watching the same film,

again and again.