A different kind of love


I no longer lust, I do not want to chase,

Love has changed for me from a magical fanasy of an indervidual,

to the love of all who is close, I do not want to date,

I do not want to mate, fuck, screw, or lick,

I am happy spending my time with those who I like,

But on a more platonic level, I am not done with love,

But right now it is less important to find the one.


what I am grateful for today

Another of my daily list for what I am grateful for. As I way to remind myself to focus on the good in the world. And hopefully inspire others to do the same.

  1. That I can sleep and wake feeling refreshed. This is a big deal for me as I had insomnia for many years.
  2. That my room is looking somewhat cleaner.
  3. That I have a camping trip to look forward to
  4. That I have found a few new blogs that I like.
  5. glad when my hair just flows right, and looks really nice when I woke up today.
  6. That cool spring breeze that I can feel blowing in

what are you grateful for today? what makes you smile today?

Admiring a hat

Admiring a hat,

upon my head,

I feel it move all on its own,

Maybe these are just my thoughts, my mind playing tricks on me!

maybe it didn’t move,

The straw hat upon my head,

shielding me from the suns glare,

Admiring a hat upon my head.

when I blink

when I blink the world changes,

late evening setting in,

I could have sworn it was sunny before,

The world changes when I blink,

The time was earlier I had more days left to live,

I had weeks on my hands,

Buildings, built, people changing, faces older,

the world changes when I blink.


My ideal office

I have been thinking about it for a while, but still a little sketchy on the details. What would be my dream office? What would make it so great?

  1. to have a garden around the outside  of the office space, where you are allowed to spend time tending to the vegetable patches and plants.
  2. has a kitchen where we cook communal meals
  3. tables and chairs on the roof to sit and watch the city skyline.
  4. Mandatory bright colourful crazy clothing to be warn in office.

Hmm that’s all for now. I would like to add to this list.

what is your ideal workplace? what would make it so great? Are you working a dream job?

out in the garden

I like to spend time out in my garden, mowing the laws, weeding the plants and playing with my dog. I feel I can think when I am out there, I can breath, and also I feel as though whatever was bothering me seem to shrink.

Out there between to ferns,

I feel the hot sun, I feel it burn,

My gloves shielding me from the dirt and my sun hat from the sun,

My mind races, and plunders over a sea of thoughts that race over me,

on this very hot, sun afternoon,

I think about business, university, life, death and love,

I think about clutter, uncluttering this garden,

untangling the yard and my thoughts at the same time,

I can not change my situation in one afternoon,

but I can change how I think and feel, and react,

to the magical world I live in.


Do you have a place or activity that gives you space? A place that makes your big problems small? Do you enjoy gardening?

Friends that spend too much money

I am cheap, I like to not spend money, and I am a student. But I  also like new things and it is fun to go out to brunch like everyone else. Though constantly buy new things is tiring I find. This blog post is my little rant about friends of mine who spend too much money.

I don’t care what people do with their money, it is their choice.

But what I don’t like is when all our adventures, hangouts and activities are heavily reliant upon buying things and spending money. What ever happened to the picnic? Playing with toys we already have? I feel like something is lost in this heavily consumerist world. Or maybe I am just bad at being a good consumerist? ha!

This weekend I have a game, to spend 3 minutes appreciating an object, any object. I have yet to work out the details but I think it would be fun.

Do you have friends that like to spend? Are you a saver or a spender? What activities do you like to do that doesn’t cost you anything?

button up and fitting in

The town that I live in I always feel out of place, I am a wild heart and not much laughter goes on around here. Sometimes when I have been here for too long I try and fit in, but really I could never fit in as I am as strange to them as lizard skin.


I shower and wash away the dirt,

my crazy hair washed clean, my eyes dart in different directions as I step out of the shower,

I can see my scaly skin, many colours and wild hair,

my eyes darting in all different directions,

my nails very long, I shave, and put on deodorant,

My colourful dreamy rainbow clothing popped into the wash,

And I grab a basic shirt and pants, something that covers my insane body,

neatly dressed, and well presented for the crowd I will be in,

But this clothing bearly hides my wild eyes and hair, my nails and skin,

I am a reptile just trying to fit in.

wizard tree possum

I was feeling out of place the other day, I have worked so hard but feel like I have not come very far or achieved as much as I could. And maybe I am not doing things right, but success is not immediate well at least not for me. I want to take this moment of doubt to reflect. But not to be discouraged. 🙂


I am a wizard tree possum,

In a world that does not need wizards,

in a town that does not have trees,

I am here, I am out of place,

Being me is what I do,

but sometimes I feel this is not the place for a wizard tree possum.