You and me

you touch more, you love it
making me breath, my manhood pressed up against my boxers
oh i know i love it
my mouth is oh so close to it too

I can feel your wet lips against my boxers
as you stroke me
my hand holding your hair, I want you

i feel it and it makes me want you more, were at point were i need to feel your manhood in my hands, in my mouth, inside me, its about to happen, desire took a hold on me and i cant bare the wait any longer

you sit up and take of your shirt, breast full in your bra, you look at me as I admire your curves
cute in your glasses and hair up
you move in close and move my hand so it is on your bra, feeling you, I kiss your face
your hand feels my stomach, and dips into my boxers, my tounge against yours, I breath, you breath