Too warm to sleep

All three of us sat around the fireplace,

outside on the pavement, in comfy chairs,

blankets cover us and cushion our seating,

The fire crackles making the trees glow

appear in three colours yellow, red and brown

I am warm happy drinking wine

it is so nice here, so warm,

too warm to go to my cold bed to sleep

too warm to sleep



I find it hard to write

I find it hard to write when things are going well,

I find it hard to write when I am surrounded by loving people.

writing for me can be a way to deal with stress, a quiet house or just a verbal release,

though when things are going well, and surrounded by loving people

I find it hard to write,

I guess that is a good thing?

Let them talk

I talk to give promps to friends,

they have things they want to say, and most of it is interesting

I like the internet as I don’t have to listen to it all but get the jist of it,

I find it hard to listen to constant talkers in person but online it is preseneted in a way that I can recieve information easily and talk when I want. 🙂

From smut to polished clean?

I started this blog as a way to write down all my sexual thoughts in a annoymous way and maybe make a collection of short stories or poems. I was told I was good writer at sexting and sending messages to lovers. So with that feedback I started this blog. I am proud of the stories I have written over the past two years, trying to stretch my writers hand, practice, develop a collection.

Though I am always in two, three or ten minds where to take this blog, I have written rants, tried short stories, tried very smutty writing, tried to make it cleaner. but still not sure what I want to do with this blog, other than I like jotting down my thoughts in the moment, and that I enjoy blogging! 🙂

Good, bad and not for me

Audiobooks are amazing in the car, I have to be in the car for at least 2 hours a day

so with all that time I thought I would start listening to audiobooks, I have gotten through a few and have enjoyed a few, some where hard to listen to, others i did not like but

the best so far were a young adult series called “city of ember” and all of the terry Prachet novels.

Easy, fun happy. I like a bit of fantasy! 🙂

keeping active on my days off

When I am busy working and studying I don’t get time to be very active

So on my days off I make sure that I do something active,

go for a run with my sisters, go for a hike with a friend, or bike ride with my partner

Nature is so rewarding, it is refreshing, relaxing and helps me get back on track!

Walk it of: walking of a bad day

After a long day when I am tired

when I have been staring at a computer screen to long

when I have been getting nowhere

I tie my shoe laces and then go for a walk,

I walk the street, through the park-lands, over hill

looking at houses, paths, soaking in my surrounding,

And then the day didn’t feel so bad, doesn’t feel so long,

maybe I could get one more project done, I have a few ideas!