thinking it through in a poem

My body shakes, and I can’t sleep, 

I feel all messed up, was dating you good for me?

Or just a cut getting deeper, 

I know you will hurt me again, 

Should I prepare, or leave. 

You make me hate everyone in the room, 

And now I think, should I share my feelings with you? 

hearts break, late night at the party

I was so caught up being a good partner, 

A had a drink and chatted and relaxed, 

They were kissing others out of sight and then infront of me, 

I was right there, why not kiss me your partner, 

I knew things would get worse from there,

Late at night I went to bed exhasted, tired of watching my feelings be trampled, 

As i lay there stomach churning, I could here, 

Sounds that of sex and lust. 

Do I leave a love? Am I pathetic?