From when we first met, this warm love made the world around us a blurry haze,

your mind focus in on what you want,

keeping only the good bits,

and stretches it out to cover every aspect

Only when it ends, and you look back,

Will you see it clear, a true image of me,

no love illusion here.

Favorite flavor

Mark:  So we wake up in the moring, and put on some clothes, underneath are bathers we know where to go down a path, between the trees, to the water, just you and me. have a towel that I lay out. to put our things on, and have a nice long swim. its only you and me here so lets jump in

HAYLEY: You jump in a head of me, I slowly walk into the water.

The water is cool, but its getting warmer. trees all around no one can see, except for the sun, shining down on me

I look at you, you smile at me.

I swim out to you

I welcome you in

I get closer

Can’t wait to reach you

I continue to stay afloat out in the water

I finally reach you

I just want to wrap my arms and legs around you

I try to control my thoughts..

I hold out my hands

our fingers touch, it feels so nice, to be with you hear, make me cum twice

You look so good in water.. I want you to pull me closer

I wrap my arms around you, your head on my shoulder

i feel you body, so close to mine, my hands in your hair, pull it, your lips come to mine, moments like this makes me know you are mine

I have butterflies.. Can’t believe this is real

There’s no one for miles.. Just you and me.

move on down into the water, taking down your bather bottoms, place your legs on my shoulders, sndaing there at the bottom, and you with your head, breast and hands above water. I can hold my breath, as i lick you

I close my eyes.. I still can’t believe this is real. I feel like I’m floating on air. You make me feel so amazing

I spend time, licking it all my tongue in you

The pleasure.. There are no words to describe it

I begin to shake

you can feel my mouth, all below, in and out

I want to pull your head closer

I can’t control myself

I start getting noisy

You have a hold on me.

I grab your butt, and push my tongue in as deep as it will go

licking your insides

I can’t hold back..

I try but I just can’t.. You make me lose control

I just want to scream your name and hear it echo for miles

I grip hard on your thighs.

i am running out of air you better cum quick

It’s getting closer. I can feel it. I can feel how bad you want me to cum..

And there it is..

That feeling of relief

And deep breathes

with a tap from you on my shoulder, to let me know its done, and your body relaxing, I let go and float on up

I’m all smiles for you

I kiss you once and swim to the bank, lay on out I need a rest

I slowly follow you..

I breath in fresh air, and hold my head back sun in my hair

I join you. I lay there reminiscing..

Enjoying the sun.. The vitamin d

our bodies dry, our feet in the water, taking your hand for us to sit on the towel

your hand on my chest a leg on me. I breath in slowly you can feel my heart beat

you rub my thigh, you want to return the favour

Being close to you makes me nervous

I’m in another world when I’m with you

I feel your heart beating.. I watch you. All relaxed.

So calm

It is peaceful just you and me, here all alone, out in the bush, to share our love

I’m enjoying touching your body.. Looking around.. Seeing and hearing nothing but nature.

We have all the privacy we need to share all our love

I want you, and you want me. you rub my thigh again, to let me know you want to return the favor, tasting me your favorite flavor

I kiss you.. Letting you know I’m going to return the favour.

Down I go..

Craving it

There it is.. The one part of your body that has a hold on me.

I look at it. I touch it. I grab it. I stroke it.

It’s getting hard.. So quick

thick is my dick

Then I look up at you.,

I give you a little grin

Then I begin to suck you off..

The taste is so good I can’t describe it.

I feel you enjoying it. Makes me want you more

I control my breathing. and feel you begin

I take it deeper and deeper

I gag a little but it doesn’t faze me

I want to please you.

Make you cum.. Make you feel what I felt in the water

I feel your mouth and tongue, tasting me, all around my cock

I don’t want this to end

You taste so amazing

It’s like I’m addicted to you

I throb some more, somehow im bigger

It gives me so much pleasure pleasing you

I’m so wet.

I am getting close to exploding

Its all built up to this

All I can think about is feeling you exploding in my mouth at this point. I can feel it. That moment is near

I grab hold of you, as you slow down, I can feel it pump out, so much

And I take it all in

Every last drop

your love for me, your lust for me, your favourite flavour, my thick cock.

my love for you is unlike any feeling I’ve ever felt

My lust for you is indescribable

You will always be my favourite flavour

Ribs and Chips menu poem

I will visit you when you are home, to taste your meat and sauce on the bone,

With loaded fries, and a few things on the sides, medium 4 to 5,

crumbed breast, getting saucy,

Mexican, american, middle eastern on top,

Green salad for you, and German mustard for me,

drinks all round, bottled in blue,

I can’t think where else i’d be, then eating ribs with you.

sex in a tent

Written with the help of Hayley

ME: nice walks, things to see on this camping trip

keep me warm in the tent at night

HAYLEY: I plan to  As long as you return the favour

its you and me, show me how

Perfect spooning session

Unless you turn to face me. Who knows what might happen

spooning with your butt to me, makes me want more of you

I’ll need to turn and face you.. Curiosity kills me

you wanting me more, I can feel it

You give me butterflies

Can’t fight the urge to face you

you kiss my lips

my hand under your shirt

I close my eyes

Enjoying the moment

I move closer to you

I can feel your breath  I take of your shirt, over your head

I wrap my arms around you pulling you closer t me

your tits swell as out bodys push close

I can feel your hands on my body

My heart is racing

I squeeze your tits, and hear you gasp

what kind of bra?


I like what you wear but i want it off you

me above you, you can feel my weight

your skirt pulled up I can feel your thighs to your hips:

My panties must come off


describe in detail them and i’ll let them come off

The temperature is rising

They are black. Lace, slightly see through


I can see your skin, and feel the silky lace

I take them down, a throw them out the way

you let your knees spread and drop far apart

Instant reaction

I try and be patient waiting to see what you do next

I am hard for you, have me all day. so much of me, you have made it all wait

I feel the urge to rip your clothes off

I’m aching for you

I take them of slowly. as I kneel above you

all of my body, exposed to you

I try to contain myself

I have to touch you

I let you, where do your hands go?

I touch your chest and slowly move them down your body to your waistline

Then look into your eyes

I look back at you and smile, I say dont stop what you desire

I pull you closer

Kiss your lips again before looking down past your waist and seeing what I truly desire

I need to touch it

Taste it

And above all, pleasure you

I want to see you eyes, when you do this things to me.

you enjoying me, and me enjoying you

I’d love to look into your eyes while I pleasure you

See your reactions

Watch you enjoy it

you are in control, and my heated breath proves it

I begin giving you a blow job while you watch me suck and enjoy tasting the one part of your body I’ve been craving all day

I can feel all of it, and I want it from you

I take it deeper and deeper

I hear your breath getting heavier

a talent of yours that you share with me, something private, something sweat, make my heart beat

I feel you getting harder and harder

This excites me

I squeese your tit, and feel your stomach and below. I know its time now, its ready to go. I a slide myself out of your mouth, I know you want more. then I lay you down, us both on the floor

I kiss you once, long and hard with a bite at the end, as I slide on into you, you’ve waited so long

I can’t believe it’s finally happened

You’re inside me

I moan with excitement and pleasure

but it doesnt stop there

I never want it to end

you will come first, but i’ll push a little further, grabbing your hair

but for now lets spend a long time getting us both there

At the same time

I’m eager to ride you

To take control

Hey babe, i’m happy to play, whatever game. take control

I put you on your back


I climb on top of you

i want you on top!!!

I look into those eyes.. Get a little lost

Then you reach up and put my hair behind my ear..

I can’t help but smile and lean down and kiss your soft lips..

Feeling your hands move down my back to my ass..

I can see how badly you want me to sit on your nice hard throbbing cock

I tease you a little

I grind on it

I kiss you more

I put my tits in your face

You grab them and taste them.. Getting a little rough now because I continue to tease you.. I feel you throbbing

I am dripping wet at this point

I lose control suddenly and I get in position

I slowly slide your cock inside me

I look at you

You’re relieved

You grab my hips as I move up and down

Getting deeper and deeper

I begin to go harder

I start to moan.. I can hear you enjoying it


Your hands make their way up to my tits

I’m still fucking you harder and getting faster

You squeeze my tits

You want to suck them

You pull me closer

I continue to fuck you

I lean down more so you can have your way with my tits

I feel you lick and suck them

Squeeze them as I continue to fuck you

I’m loving this

You’re so hard for me

I can’t stop pounding you

It feels so good.. I’m struggling to stop myself from coming

I slow down a little to calm myself

I kiss you

I’m sweating

Then I can’t help myself

I start fucking you hard again

You groan

I go harder

I want to make you lose control

I want you to groan so loud you can hear it for miles

I want to be that girl you remember years from now who blew your mind on a camping trip

I can tell you are close to coming so I slow down and kiss you slowly..

I can see you are loving it

You hold me so tight

Your strength turns me on

Let’s finish together baby

Let’s cum together

We change positions

You do me sideways

We look at each other

You are so eager to finish.

You start fucking me so hard I moan to the point of screaming

After a few short minutes..

Sure enough

We cum

Together.. Such a relief

I face you.. You pull me towards you.

Kiss my forehead

I lay my head on your chest

I lay there and get flash backs of the experience I had with you for the first time

I smile

I’d love to lay there with you after some amazing sex and listen to your thoughts x

Hippie love dance poem

You tell me animal energy is beautiful, and hold my hand to the horses head.

You ask me to find you in another place, you give me the wrong address,

You tease and love, but I know you want me there because you care,

You read my star signs, and tell me I’m alright,

It seems like you have lived, with more life, but we are both 24,

I’ll follow you, if you follow more.

5 years on

You were five years older, but I loved you still, your flirty ways,

our interest shared, we went camping, and driving on long road trips,

footy and tennis, getting my drink on with your friends,

we wanted to do so much travelling my day, and loving by night,

You liked my easy going nature, I liked your lust for life,

together we found a bond, and I made you my wife.

Just looking

Looking at you in that dress, that body, my insides a mess,

Looking at you makes me feel as though i have never been loved, as truly as the love you own,

Looking at you across the lane, sitting down, you notice me stare,

Looking at your eyes and the ends of your dress, as you make the hem rise,

Looking at your hips, looking at your thighs, an opportunity awaits,

Looking up at me as a come up close, you hold out your hand, and I pull you up,

Looking for a place to rest you up high, plant your full butt, and open those thighs,

Looking down at me as I lick and suck, your hand in my hair, gasping for air,

Looking at me loving you, Looking at your body loving me.