Too much love and not enough

I have been dating for six months now and feel like all this love coming and going from the one direction is a little difficult for me to deal with.

I enjoy my alone time, I think I think differently, I want to feel comfortable and silly in my own skin around my partner so that being with them is as comfortable as being apart.

This is a difficult one as I have not found a way to do that yet

Organisation: Making room for new projects

There comes a point where I have too much stuff and no room to start a new project. Here I am taking the morning to downsize my project space clutter so that I have more space to create new projects, organize old projects.

As I sketch,document and note take heaps I have decided to standardize my sketches and cheaply. The best solution is a4 copy paper, I can grab what I need for the day, easily scan and then throw away/keep what is needed and what is not.

Stress less

EXHIBITION FURNITURE ART: Over the past month I had been really stressed, I had a big exhibition that I entered in very late, and the project seemed a bit more skilled than I had experience with. But that was delivered on the date and tonight is opening night, where I get to relax with friends maybe a little bit of wine and look at the other artworks.

RELATIONSHIP AND ALONE TIME: Another thing that was adding stress, is I am not single any more and dating has been a little tricky as before that I had plenty of time to distance myself and think deeply over long periods of time on topics. But dating and a relationship had cramped that alone time and thought space that I felt so comfortable in. I think it is just one of those kinks that me and my partner have to work out, how to not neglect alonetime.

UNIVERSITY: Handed in a few of my last assignments so in a way I am suddlenly surrounded by lots of time to not be places and do things which is a nice releaf to sleep in a little. I was so stressed about a presentation but, instead of keep pushing into a roadblock that I had hit, I took the project from a different angle and suddenly it is not the stress that it was but rather very playful and interesting and I will probably work on it during my spare time.


3 years with WordPress

I received a notification that I have been using wordpress to blog for three years now,

I did sign up three years ago but it after my first few post I had a big break before getting into it a year later.

I come here as a safe space to release my emotions onto a page, to deal with a difficult day.

Maybe think a plan over, or excitedly tell what I have no one else to tell.

What makes a consistant blog? habit, ritual, comfortable, easy of use, solitude

I write when I am alone at home when I want to be social online but I don’t really want to message anyone directly.

I feel comfortable here as it is fairly straight forward, I open up a page and start typing.

Familiar should go with comfortable, I have done it so often that it has become a familiar and comfortable space that I know.

What keeps you blogging? how long have you been blogging?

Under presser

Uni, work and social life are piling up on me

my clothes are to tight, feeling the restricted movement

I can’t think, I don’t have head space to breath

I just want to take things slow