sex and solitude (lyrics)

Solitary blues

In solitude with too many things to do,

In solitude, ten days, with too many little things to do,

­­ In the thick of a solitude session, just me with a little more me

In the walls which I sit, there are open doors but I do not move

In solitude I find my own things to do,



Sex running through my blood,

Sex is running through my blood, pretty little loveI had, now I want,

My blood is a little warmer thinking of you,

Warm thighs and tight clothing, I last the longest

Sex is all around, and it makes me smile how attractive the world is

Seven thoughts on my mind as I sing my Solitary blues (lyrics)



In solitude with too many things to do,

Sex running through my blood,

I stay up late looking for answers,

Messy room, materials and unfinished pieces,

Doesn’t take long for me to lose my mind.

Independent thought is  – ugly, rough around the edges, unprofessional.

Copy cat, that is where it is at



In solitude, ten days, with too many little things to do,

Sex is running through my blood, pretty little loveI had, now I want,

I stay up late looking for answers, please enlighten me while I close my eyes

Messy room, clothes on the floor, I don’t want to throw anything out,

I am frozen here, wanting to move,  i think im losing a piece of myself,

Trying to think a clear thought, but it just isn’t feeling that way,

Everything has been done, what am I doing anyway



I the thick of a solitude session, just me with a little more me

My blood is a little warmer thinking of you,

Late is the hour, looking for something more, drousy mind, any answer will do,

I have not cleaned in so long, so many, could be projects

I feel my world a little over simplified

I try to create my own thing, but all I am doing is making a mess

Copy copy paste.



In the walls which I sit, there are open doors but I do not move

Warm thighs and tight clothing, I last the longest

I stay up very late, searching, for idk what

Messy room, now clean, fabrics drapped over things, chic

Doesn’t take long to lose my mind, doesn’t take long to find it either,

I try to make something of myself, but unsure what will work

Keep it simple, inspiration is everywhere



In solitude I find my own things to do,

Sex is all around, and it makes me smile how attractive the world is,

I stay up late as a am still enjoying the day,

Neat room, books in a line, I feel comfort here, and I am glad I cleaned it

My mind I keep, personal best and a smile above the rest

I think, see watch and do, after all that is all you can do

I think and write funny little list, for a few close friends to witness

I copy you, and you copy me hand in hand

Title:  Blonde Sanders and the Paper people. ( draft/ Science fiction)


I was sitting the lunch room, eating a cheese sandwadge, not because I was hungry, I like cheese, I was just pasing the time. I had also been flolding origami animals. I made a swan, and several smaller swans I lined up behind the mother swan, I sat back and admired my creations. You need a hobby on these long scouting missions.

I was sent here on a scouting mission as my ship explored each planet one by one in this solar system.

You can’t understand a planet just by looking from above. I was given, a 7 water shots that will last the week, and 10 food shots so I don’t go hungry. Though I am happy to fast for a few days, hunger keeps me sharp and alert.

I packed them into my backpack. Along with the usuall emergency supplies: oxygem helmet, ray gun and first aid kit, and of course my intergalaxtic passport. I am always forgetting that.

I arrived on the planet in what seems to be mid morning. The locals we a little startled as I made such a racket coming down. But I made the intergalactic greating and began my tour of the planet.

I look around at all the quaint houses, neat in every way. The ground, the buildings, even the sky had a neat proper perfect look to it. It took me some time to put my finger on it why things looked so neat.  I placed my hand up against a building and absurved its texture, and thats when I got a paper cut. A yes, this world is made of paper, paper roads, paper buildings, paper clouds in a paper sky, and paper people walking on by.

I spoke to the locals and followed a crowd to a town meeting. There I spoke to the mayor and asked if someone could show me around. He got his assistant to show me around. A paper lady, with paper hair curls.

“Greetings I am Blonde Sanders” – I said out aloud. In an all too loud voice.

“ hehe, no need for such formalities, you sound like you are from a 1950’s space film. Carrie is the name. I am the assistant to the mayor at Paperville” –  Carrie said with a smile.

on an origami world I met an origami girl.

We had much to talk about my human world, and her paper thin world.

Her skirt hung of her paper thin waste, with just the right folds.

We went a park to watch ducks swim on a blue paper lake,

And although I cannot live here, and live on paper spaghetti with a red paper sauce, with paper cheese shavings. I am not meant for this angular world.

Beach chickens in outerspace

beach chickens.JPG

I awoke with the sun beating down on my face, I must have fell asleep in the sun. That groggy heated feeling, I sit up with my head spinning and make my way to some shade. Everything is blue and purple.

I rest under the shade and recover. I open my eyes again and look up at a huge leaf that is shading me. Very perculiar, I can see all the vains of the leaf, as it it expands hugely over me, I follow the veins with my gase to the edge of the plant. And marvel at it. I am seated in the dirt. Surrounded by large rocks. And a tall corn field… no these are singular stemed and thick, grass? But they are way way to big to be grass.

I get to my feet to get a better Idea where I am. Yes it is very tall grass, why is everything so big. I try and think back to what I was doing before I fell asleep. I went for a drive, stoped at a nice picnic spot had some lunch and took a rest. And now, oh shit.

I remembered something that I was told about this planet. “Dehydration will deplet your mass!” I read on the scanner as I was driving in here coming into orbit. I wasn’t paying attention. And now I have shrunk, heaps! I must be tiny to be smaller than grass. I need to hydrate to get back to my original size.

I jog over to the blade of grass and pull down it down and take a big bite into the grass. Ew, it crunches in my mouth and taste really bitter. I swallow it down, nothing happens. I must need a lot to grow again.

I take another bite, another and eat as much of this blade of grass as I can. I can feel myself growing in size, I grow to more than double the size of the blade of grass. Yes it is working, I am so happy. My head knocks against the overhanging leaf.

I push the leaf aside and look around, there are more small people walking around, I guess they didn’t pay attention to the warning notice either when they arrived at this planet. There are a few beach chickens walking around just courious with all the small people. The beach chickens are harmless, with their dodo brains.

I stretch and breath in the day, this is off to an interesting start to my 2 week vacation in outerspace.

immunity sci fi

For you to understand my point of view I will have to start with the revolution of 2045. It didn’t happen as we were led to believe, with humanoid robots and bug eyed aliens. But with more grounded and ambitious ideas of discovering greater new technology. This desire laid the foundation to create more efficient automation, artificial intelegance.

We build machines that made machines, intelligent and self-replicating. With time they reduced in size, became more specialised to our ever growing variety of needs.

The human species in its unparalled dominance on Earth showed grace in the eradication of pests, viral, bacterial, insects alike. We created a world more suitable to certain inhabitance, presering the enirnment in a time and space for whom we wished to share the world with. It was us, the human race, that wanted to show our superiority in another way, immunity.

We had concered so much except for time itself. Modern medicine was unable at this tame the inernal assaults from pathogens. We had no appreciation for this flaw, We couldn’t adapt to each indervidual . Immortality became more than just a dream it was the prize. We could feel the passages of time ravaging our very way of life, we had achived so much now our skills bottlenecking at this problem. People did not want to die and the longer we took to find a cure the more were turning to dust in the sands of time. Resources poured in to find a cure to this deathly desease – ageing.

It an attempt to extend or cure human from the periles of life, we turned to engineering. We explored nanomachines to fight pathogens alongside our weak immunesystems. We became strict with caloric intake and waste removal. We harvested serotonin, rationed domanine and reset the biological clock every night with a perfect nights sleep. Nanomachines were designed with the evolutionary principle  to learn, adapt and survive. Humans, feeling ageless and in good health grew our beautiful plethora of a species with only accients and the perils of war to take ageless lives way. Humans developed a mind connection, and this network of knowledge helped eliminate and forse threats.







This only begs one question should one commit suicide? We have this forever infront of us and many lifetimes behind us. But does the water grow sweeter with the passage of time, or dry and bitter with its over use? This became more than just finding a cure but a philosophical answer that we were attempting to obtain.


The passages of time grow and extend far faster than was once humanily possible, and we find ourselves in unfamiliar territiory.  With body modifications and trends we began to separate as a species, some growing taller, others with implants under the skin, and over time there was more no more just black and  white  anymore. Our body modifications have began to take on a new shape.

Listening to poetry readings in the late summer afternoon

I would rather be single with good reasoning. I think I don’t have to put up with that kind of rubbish. I will be happier just doing the things I want to and taking part in things that I think are kinda cool. I think there is something sweet about being free and single and just plotting my own path.

I ride my bike through the streets in through the afternoon, after work. I find a little place I heard about and head on in. I look around , the sunlight streeking in though the windows, there is a bar to the right of me and against the back wall is a stage. I came here tonight to listen to poetry. And as I stand at the bar I breath in the day.

I ask for a beer, and sit there and drink. I find a table and sit down with my notebook and a pen and start drawing.

And then you walk in. I feel kind of awkward now, I know we had not agreed upon meeting and I thought I was going to be alone. Sometimes I know this city is big, but moments like this make the city feel small. I hate confrontation. There is so much I would rather not approach with people.

I look down at my drawings, I have draw the bottles and candle and flowers that are at my table. And the way the light hits them all, that orange glow that stretches on through the windows, and turns the brown dacore an orange colour, those oranges and browns makes it feel as though time has stood still for so long and I was now in a timeless setting.

I breath, breathing helps me, helps most things in my head. I take a deep breath in and hold. I let myself feel the air in my lungs and I breath out. I do that again, breath, hold, feel think, release. I watch the stage. At 7pm there will be a show tonight. I get another beer from the bar and sit back down into my chair.

You notice me and I notice you, I smile and wave. And just go back to my drawings. You are standing arms resting on a big barrel that  is been used as a high table. A beer in your hand. A light summery dress on, your hair hangs down. And your slender frame. Genettics from your eastern blood.

You move on over and sit down at my table planting your beer on the table, and you lift out legs up and rest them in my lap. Pick up your beer and drink from the bottle. You smile and look at me.

“ I didn’t think I would see you here” you say

I look down at my bottle, my drawings, and then face you. “ I just came here to relax, I make little solo outings on my own, I don’t know it makes me feel a good bit more independant when I do things on my own” I say.

You smile, nod your head. And thats when the act for this evening comes on, the lights go down. And a round of applause starts. I didn’t even notice the room filling up, we are shadowed by standing people. Put the light from the stange still reflects through a line through the croud and onto you.

You tilt your head and look at the stage over your shoulder. I look you over as the main act begins to talk and warm up the crowd. Why are you so comfortable around me?

I came here expecting piece in solitude but found something more, content in your presents.