Stress less

EXHIBITION FURNITURE ART: Over the past month I had been really stressed, I had a big exhibition that I entered in very late, and the project seemed a bit more skilled than I had experience with. But that was delivered on the date and tonight is opening night, where I get to relax with friends maybe a little bit of wine and look at the other artworks.

RELATIONSHIP AND ALONE TIME: Another thing that was adding stress, is I am not single any more and dating has been a little tricky as before that I had plenty of time to distance myself and think deeply over long periods of time on topics. But dating and a relationship had cramped that alone time and thought space that I felt so comfortable in. I think it is just one of those kinks that me and my partner have to work out, how to not neglect alonetime.

UNIVERSITY: Handed in a few of my last assignments so in a way I am suddlenly surrounded by lots of time to not be places and do things which is a nice releaf to sleep in a little. I was so stressed about a presentation but, instead of keep pushing into a roadblock that I had hit, I took the project from a different angle and suddenly it is not the stress that it was but rather very playful and interesting and I will probably work on it during my spare time.


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