The creative streak and love in my heart

Active sketching more, passive doodling less

I have take up the challenge to doodle less and actively practice sketching more, so far it has been an invigorating and challenging experience. I want to land a job as a visual games designer. So to be able to draw at a level that will land me a job would take some time and practice. I have been making big leaps in that direction though also, how I feed, my mood, my sense of the world. I am a very visual person so to see all that lush flowering ideas, and the river flow of ideas on paper appeals to me.

Here are some notes on how not practicing impacts success creative drawing.
– Not having a clear goal and time frame will make it un-gauge-able ( if that is a word)
– Not taking the time to learn drawing skills will keep you at the same level

Every little bit counts. I have not made my life more difficult than it needs to be, I like that I can see a clear change in my drawing abilities. I feel more confident, and my peace of mind is more positive. It is late winter here in Melbourne so why not enjoy a little bit more time inside while it rains against the window.


The can sits there on the floor.

standing tall, ready for action.

it sits there and gathers dust, unmoved where it has been left,

I was so fond of my orange spray can when I found it at the back of a automotive store,

ready to go on adventures with me, ready to colour brightly all the little models I have spend weeks preparing to get their final coat of orange spray paint.

But now the holidays are here, I head out with friends, I do all the other busy social things that I can,

Not a thought on my projects, all the things I made sitting on a shelf, with the orange spray can on the floor, looking up at me every time I walk past.

I remember you orange spray can, I appreciate the fun and excitement we had, I smile in your direction, pick you up, dust you of, and place you on the shelf amongst all of my little project pieces.

You can stay up here, proud as can be, until I need you, I will let you know that you are somewhere on my mind.

All the thoughts running through my head

  1. Is blogging addictive?
  2. do I drink too much cofffee?
  3. Should I condistion my hair or just shower?
  4. Will I last until 8pm tonight to sleep?
  5. When will I get around to reading that book I have started but have not had the chance to read lately because I have been too busy
  6. Is winter over, or will it get colder
  7. I want to ride my bike today, should I ride all the way into the city or something closer to home
  8. Will I fall asleep before 8pm tonight, or should I try to stay up until 9pm
  9. Whats on your mind?
  10. how can I accuraty determine how good my art is and at what level I am currently at
  11. what areas do I need to improve in
  12. how best can I use my time
  13. why can’t I just enjoy the holidays, why do I have to make some big mission out of it
  14. Is there any good blogs to read today
  15. should I have a bath today

No sleep ’til…


Update, I have been on holidays for the past few weeks, it has been fun. Fun to finally catch up on all the places, people and items that I wanted to. It has also given me plenty of time to learn new things, read books and draw. I am happy about that.

However one side-effect of not having a strict scheduled is that my sleeping patterns are a bit wack. I fall asleep at 2am, now 4am and last night I doesed a little but did not sleep at all. And even though I am really sleepy, wanting to rest my head on a pillow… so warm an soft and lovely, ah…. I wont! Because the theory is I can reset my sleep pattern if I stay awake… just like with jet lag. SO TODAY I AM AWAKE! well hopefully.

I have had one cup of coffee, I sip as I write down my thoughts and plan out my day.

To be continued….

online dating

I tried online dating, I had a few hook-ups, and dated people for a while. but really friendship what what I gained from the internet. meeting amazing people that I would not have otherwise organiically met. And for that I am grateful.


I never meet new people at bars or clubs, I chat on my adventures but nothing romantic. Thinking about online dating….

do you do it?

how has it gone for you?

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recording music


I started turning my poems into songs and dusted of my old acoustic guitar. I think they sound okay, but when I try to record them onto a computer there is so much static and unwanted noise. A mic is needed. But which one? Acoustic guitar with vocals is what I am trying to record.

Any musos out there who could over a few tips on what to get?

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Dumped via email, kinda hurts

Oh yeah that kinda sucked. I was sad for at least a month. oh well better off without that kind of person in my life. Yey! 🙂


Dear (me),
I hope that you had a safe trip home. I am very glad that you came all the way over my way to meet me.
I have been swimming in thoughts all day, I was feeling strange this morning and perhaps I seemed out of sorts.
There is no easy way for me to say this, and I am truly sorry that I will hurt your feelings, however I must be honest and true to myself. I felt as though meeting you was a good experience, I enjoyed your company and it was really nice to spend the night with you, but the thing is, I didn’t feel the spark that I was hoping for, I’m not sure why or what it is but I must trust my instincts and believe that I will make the right decisions. I feel strongly that we are not destined to continue…

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