I try to think try to write, messages flooding in I like to chat, but right now I need to think,

It is weird seeing things in this light, I understand your hostility,

What should I say, I am too busy write now?

I go caught up in some things, forgot where I was, and now I know,

I’m better sleeping on my own,

It’s warm outside, but I have work to do, so much so,

first day, who would have known?


food pilgramage

I finished school but my day was not done,

I sat in the park and enjoyed some sun,

I got ecitied about going on an adventure,

changing my shoes, two pairs of socks,

message friends to say fairwell for the evening,

when I walk, follow a line in my thoughts and don’t like to talk,

Things have not changed much it has only been a day,

but what happens around the city, rivers and hills amazes me,

as I climb steep hills I see the sun sink, purple, baby blue and pink,

vegitarian pizza for me, I have gone off meat, personal choice I can choose what I eat,

well fed, my body hot sweats beneath my dress,

cool wind on my thighs, tanalise,

I am heading home, my mind races fast,

A very long walk, on a journey to heal my heart.


you lose

I have had my fill and do not crave the constant attention, I could so with a breack from it all,

I think my open heart is now closing a little bigger over the new things that I have learnt,

I will be happy going my own way, until I burn my fingers again,

Morning yoga sounds exciting, laugh at my own jokes,

Cleaning up, externally, is the same as cleaning up  internally,

A glass of wine to start my day, cheecky,

Little outfits, as I play, reading letters all the better,

Wash my hair have a bath, I like things wetter,

Faces change but my feelings stay the same,

I learnt a lot from not having you around,

All I can say now is that I feel sorry for you, missing out.


A poem about dominate daddy little girl sex role play.


have you had anything fun to lick lately?

A cock to play with,

suck and lick but if I cum I will slap you

looking up and begging like a good girl,

Beg and plead while my mouth is full with your cock,

That’s better, good girls always beg,

I want daddy to unload on my face and then finger me like the dirty little girl I am, 

Yum, bent over my lap, spank, cry

I love it when daddy makes me cry,

Tears make me hard


Morning glory from a body so tight and doughy in all the right places,

Lay back now, I want my fill, smiling eyes covered, Lucy’s juicy swallow,

Suck and lick, hard and thick, build under pressure,

Naked body, undressed I am impressed,

I’ll spend all morning loving you, the day outside waiting for us,

Wake up early go for a walk, I’ll sit on the sand when you kayak on the beach,

Lets fool around in nature, be my sexual teacher,

Spank, you grabbing the back of your head as I hold you down,

You want me inside, backdoor I will hide, gentle lover you like it rough,

More and more from you, it is never enough

stressed out

Hi there S,

Seeing as you seem stressed, I thought I would talk about fun ways I have attempted to resolve my busy mind. Maybe it might give you a few ideas, bring up good memories, or just not for you. Either way, I have enjoyed writing this letter to you.

From the messages that you sent me, your days sound hectic. We may be very different but when I have trouble whatever it may be I go for really long walks, the longer the better and after a few days of this and resting I seem to be able to focus and get what I needed done. Long straight paths work wonders, small streets and dead ends is not good when I am trying to create a thought path.

I am sure there are many ways to “peel and orange” –get things done.

Here my school life starts back gain, but for some reason it does not scare me, I feel in control of myself, and the business could be good for me. I like to learn and think it is beneficial, but my own projects are my main focus, always have been. When things get too in my face I just cast them aside, this is my life, my days and my plans. Being caught up in things I don’t care about is just not worth it.

Lately I have been interested in interior design and style. I write draw and make music, but have never paid attention to the way I set out a room or what I wear. When really I should. Present myself how I want to feel and who I am, and that idea of environment effecting ones perception is so very true. I knew about it but never applied it to anything. Not to impress people or find acceptance, but for mindset, for myself.

Yoga, I never do enough bending streaching breathing into stretched, stretching out my toes. I feel so grounded after a good few repeated stretches. And it really helps with my thighs and lower back that get tense because I move around a lot.


Always smiling,

Lily Plum

thinking of what you said

Hi there, this email might seem smiple and light hearted, but  I have thought it over several times in my head, how else would I be able to sound so interesting,

Saying the wrong thing makes me nervous,

Short snippets of knowledge I must admit I am obsessed with as well, once I gobbled up most of TED talks there are a few other channels on youtube that I like to watch QI, school of life, friendly jordies, and girl from Victoria retells stories of achient mythis really well.

I have a jack russle, who likes to sleep on the end of my bed when I am doing assignments.

Your puppie,

All this love and affection on a Sunday night when I could not care less,

I have to understand that this is momentary and that it will go away,

Just like my friend from perth, one day we were chatting, the next I don’t hear anymore, I would like people to say that they will be busy for a while, but I feel like people don’t think of that when things come up and plans are made, free time disappers with a busy mind.

will it hurt?

I can’t help myself, I love it, the attention when you say my name,

But now I can’t think of what to say next, what to write to you tonight,

My hair is a mess, and I can feel a little stress,

You say that you like those shows, do you have a favourite?

I could give you recommendations for other things,

but I don’t want to shove things down your throat, or do I?

A message from you was a real big surpise, I did not expect to hear from you,

We only spoke briefly and gave you my details,

You seemed nice when I patted your dog,

I liked sitting by the river under that tree,

With magpies dancing from branch to branch,

The sunlight shining through the leaves,

My warm skin under my skirt,

New love, will it hurt?


We do not realise the impact we have on people that goes unsaid,

Love is an experience good or bad,

you will ultimately learn something you did not know before,

The first step I am told is knowing you have and addiction and that you are powerless to that addiction,

Bent but not broken, broken but never bent,

Things that bend don’t break, things that don’t bend break,

Making the bond, making a connection, I want to find, I seek, I don’t know why,

I like to chat and talk as it is a way for me to remember all the good things that I have somehow forgotten,

Jotting down thoughts as they come, mainly random, but I think there are a few times that things have fallen in place and made sense, and for that I aim for that is what I am building towards,

Maybe I will get there this year,