what I am grateful for today

  1. that I have finished the short sexy story that I was trying to write.
  2. that the day has only just started and I can still do more things with it
  3. that I have a good bond with the people around me
  4. that I have goals and ambitions that are starting to become clear to me.

walk me home

Chelsea looks at my arm and touches it lightly. Running her fingers across the cast. I was given some meds for the pain so I am a little of in lala land.  We walk home slowly, Chelsea asking many questions, most of which I don’t have the  answers to. With a skip in her step, her dress ripples as she moves. It is bright blue, sun kissed shoulders that say she has been wearing dresses all summer.

We walked and talked the whole way to my house, and I stopped at the door. My front door and said that this is where I live. Chelsea asks where my keys are, I say in my pocket. Chelsea reaches in each pocket and feels around for my keyes. I can feel her warm hands touching my thigh. And out her hand comes holding the keys. Trying each key she finds the right one that fits the lock. And swings open my front door. I walk in, and she closes the door behind us. I try and take of my shoes but see that they are still tied up tightly for the day before. Chelsea notices that and moves me to the neares chair and makes me sit down. She unties my shoes and I am looking at thee top of her head, her shoulders, the straps of her dress. Each shoe comes of and she looks at me, I like her kind nutring nature.

Do you like me  – she says. I nod my head and say I like how kind an nurturing you are. She smiles, leans in and kisses my knee. I can feel her wet lips on my knee. I stand up, and Chelsea looks up at me. Do you like me like this, looking up at you – Chelsea says. I smile and say, yes I do. She puts a finger to her lips, and then puts her hans under my teeshirt. And pushes me back down onto the couch. I like the feel of her warm soft hands on my belly. I can see her feeling around for the button to my shorts, I feel it unhook and my fly released. She pulls down my pants and underwear. I can’t beleave that this has gone this way so quickly – I say. Do you like me on my knees – Chelsea says. I nod my head. Relax poor boy, let me take care of you – Chelsea says. Her hand on my cock as she strokes it. I can feel the warmth of her hand as she moves it up and down. The warmth of her body so close to mine, her eyes on me, that smile. She feels my thighs and moves in closer. Brushing her hair behind her ears. She takes me in her mouth. I can feel her warm lips and tongue. As her head bobs up and down on my cock. Her shoulders, she is at least  15 years older than me, but without knowing this is what I wanted an older lady to appreciate me.

She takes me again and again in her mouth in between deep breaths, her checks glowing a rosie red.

She stops to look up at me with her lips damp, her hand holding my cock that is now sticky and warm with her spit. And smiles, do you like that? Do you like me? Do you want to cum in my mouth?- Chelsea asks slowly in a voice in a slightly higher pitch. Warm and loving. I say that I do, and I want to. She smiles. And licks and sucks again. I can feel myself getting close, my breathing gets deeper. Her hands gripping my waist, bracing for impact. I can feel cum shoot out of me. As her head of hair goes still. And then a gental suck, as she cleans all the cum of my cock. And smiles up at me. I breath. With my pants around my ankles I sit there in amazement.

in the waiting room

I met you, face to face.

I was sitting in the waiting room of the doctors office, to get my hands stiched up. I had walked here with one hand in a plastic bag the other in plaster.

You saw me and my sad face and laughed. Then apologised. “sorry that both your hands are injuired it just made me giggle. What is your name?”

I told her my name and she was very chatty, it was a good change compared to just dealing with my own thoughts. She said she was waiting for a friend, but are just getting a check up nothing serious.

My name was called and I stand up. I say I enjoyed this chat. And she said “ okay i’ll tell you what. When you get out I’ll walk you home, make it up to for laughing. I’m Chelsea by the way.”

I smiled and headed on in.

In the doctors office, he looked bemused. I was in here less then a week ago, to have my cast on. What did I tell you about taking it easy? He said.

My pen broke. I said cradeling the bloody plastic bag that held my hand. Blood had pooled and dried at the bottom.  Removing the bag, the doctor cleaned and stiched up my hand. All the dried blood, it is asmazing how much we bleed when just left to drip, like a sack of water with a hole in the bottom.

When I was ready to go, I saw Chelsea with another lady, no doubt here friend chatting away. They looked at me giggling, holding hands, and then the other said okay I’ll let you go. Have fun.

I walk on over and smile.

loved by too many dogs

I wake up with a see of smiles and wagging tales,

they all want to lick my face and jump on the bed,

A can never be late with this much motivation to get up,

I am loved by too many dogs.


The day starts with a feed,

plenty for all of you, and some for me,

The breakfast table is full, with all my happy friends,

in a race to eat it all,

I am loved by to many dogs.


Say good by to each, as I close the gate,

sniffing noses poking through,

I leave for work with a bounce in my step,

And I know when I come home I will be the star of this dog show,

I am loved by too many dogs.

what I am grateful for today

  1. that I was able to apply the skills I had learnt across several months into the one project I had today.
  2. to have a better understanding of myself then I did yesterday
  3. to have a warm space I can study in this winter
  4. to have friends that make the effort to connect with me
  5. that I have found things that I love and enjoy.