3 years with WordPress

I received a notification that I have been using wordpress to blog for three years now,

I did sign up three years ago but it after my first few post I had a big break before getting into it a year later.

I come here as a safe space to release my emotions onto a page, to deal with a difficult day.

Maybe think a plan over, or excitedly tell what I have no one else to tell.

What makes a consistant blog? habit, ritual, comfortable, easy of use, solitude

I write when I am alone at home when I want to be social online but I don’t really want to message anyone directly.

I feel comfortable here as it is fairly straight forward, I open up a page and start typing.

Familiar should go with comfortable, I have done it so often that it has become a familiar and comfortable space that I know.

What keeps you blogging? how long have you been blogging?

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