orange sunglasses at night

I feel like I am missing out

so I should stay on for another night to see what I cant see it the break of day.

I watch the world fall asleep, through my orange tinted shades,

maybe I will fall asleep as well.


where does it all go?

when it comes by so easily, I wonder when it is gone,

where does it all go?

who loves, what I have thrown away,

who cares when I am on my way,

old love for me, new love for you.

where does it all go?


I want to rid myself of you,

but at the same time I think I could make the situation better,

I think of you, all your quirks that now look like flaws,

I was excited to have you and wanted to uses you,

but now that I have had my way and we no longer play,

I hold you in my hand over the rubbish bin,

but as I look at you and the bin,

I think where will you go, what will you do?

I had assumed ownership, now I cast you away,

no this is not right, this is not how it shall end,

I will find something good in you,

to make you shine better than you do now

in the physical realm

I spend so much time is the hypothetical realm,

in the real world I have not stopped to dwell,

surging forth into the future, reliving past loves,

sexual conquests, why would I bother with the real?

that healthy hearty feel to move push and pull

in the physical realm, new experiences to me,

what can I build what can I make,

out door furniture,  a dreamcatcher?

making a hardcopy

jotting down all my thoughts and feelings,

I need to let it all out so that parting ways will be in the best of terms,

I am sorry that I was not always ready for sex with you, sometimes I am just not,

I did enjoy our time, though I would have liked a bit more,

I saw photos of you when you were younger, what a hottie,

but now you are all grown up, though still young at heart,

I would have liked to know you when you were younger,

but somehow I feel as though you would have been the same,

that girl from another planet, madness

in the garden

that eruption of sound,

all these mixed feelings filling my head and heart,

mmmm ehhhh, aaaaahhhhgh mummum nana

I look and you babe, and I see you babe,

out in the yard helping a girl breath,

a deep breath in, hold,

breath on top, hold,

you grab my hand, and close your eyes,

I can feel your tit, and your warmth,

I am hear to help you breath,

you guide me closer and kiss me,

I am a little mixed up on the group dynamics,

I feel your softness, your girly love.

sleepy next to new love

adjusting colours so that I can type at night,

why have I not thought of this before,

breaking down walls making more neropathways,

on the desert highway through my mind,

I am on the hunt for new love,

I joke here, a chat there,

new love come find me.



waiting on what?

when I am home I seem to always be waiting on something as though,

if I am not alert something dire will strike me down.

hyper-alert to all the signs,

I would rather be alert to the animals I can spot in the jungle.


odds and ends

camping gear dumped in the back room,

waiting to be packed away,

curtains fitted in my car,

brought them, odds and ends from the op shop,

so I can sleep in my car,

folded down back seats,

undisturbed, sleeping the good sleep.

icky much and golden sand

mixed up dirt and sand,

swirl with a stick in my hand,

the icky muck and the golden sand,

I say goodbye to another crush,

and open my mind to new love,

tonight I sleep alone beneath the stars,

missing out on all the dating madness,

I feel a big warm hand reach out,

and tell me everything will be alright,

but will it? I hope so.