Thoughts not said.

Dear K,

You intimidate me. It is okay that you are a strong independent woman, I need more heroine like you in my life. But it’s a strong feeling I get when I read your profile, that says “no”. no explanation why you’d reject me, just a “no”.

I did not messaged you straight away,  I thought I would take some time to think about the things you wrote, pictures you posted and just think about you for a moment, and assess how you make me feel.

You are sexy, and when I look at you I only want to have my way with you. But intellectually we may not be compatible, you are smart, but comes across as cold. It may not be that you are cold, maybe you are just content with yourself and your life.

I would like to here more about your learning experiences, and what things in science take hold of your interest? I have a love for weird, resourceful and sustainable.

chat soon,


Student life cycle

Final touches added, looking slick,

Assignment done, model made,

Presentation went smoothly, Many payed attention the whole way through,

I feel relieved, to now sit on the grass in the park,

get some sun with friends,

before I do it all again.

Dating site reviews

Looking to date, make new friends in your area, or just bed someone with a pretty face?

Here is a small list of popular dating sites that I have at the time to try, and reviewed based on my own experiences:

Tindr: If you have a strong stomach to get ignored, and insulted. Then this is the place for you, many shallow people flock to this one. You can post selfies, and the more ironically lame you are the better. Though this is only a phone app. If you are looking to chat with semi-nervous people, you can find plenty here. I have had many long conversations on here, and enjoy the chat windows.  It is easy to lose track of many hours when you are on oasis. easy to use on the computer, not so great on the phone, as It will not give you notifications.

Blendr: works well on both as a phone app or on computer. Blender is a great way to make new friends. I found many upbeat people looking to chat, hangout and explore the city.

Okqupid: Okc has a chat window, but normally replies can take a long time as many users are much more chilled with their online time. Replies can take anywhere between 30 seconds and 1.5 months. Basically it is email based and feels very much like snail mail.  So be patient with people. Write a decent length reply give your letter a kiss and hit the send button.

To sum them up! Like any dating site you have to put yourself out there, say how you really feel. But also be aware of how things may be interpreted or misinterpreted. looking at you Cougargal69 who’s opening line is “stop asking for sex!” hehe.

So take your time, talk to people, get to know them. Hope this has be helpful.

Good luck Review

If you were looking to learn a language I would suggest starting with Duolingo. It is simple and free. And a little bit fun.

I found it more fun when friends were using it and we got competitive. In the past I have used audio tapes, reading children’s books, watching films in another language. Though I found this site to be the most proactive learning.

So If you have a language learning goal, and people you can share your new skills with than I think this is a great start.


Here is a link to the duolingo website where you can find the application as well.

Here is a link to the Duolingo TED talk.

Dutch dessert

Food and language are powerful. and I see both of them together.

We travel to a little place and you take both the menus as I can not read them. My dutch is weak, I have not eaten much dutch food either. Both shall change when we spend time together learning through food.

I want it cooked and I want to cook it. All the flavors so nice, the smell warm and homely. I am here with you. You are my dutch dessert. My caramel apple. All the good and bad you bring, mixed together, though it would not be the same with out all the ingredients that make up you.

I have love for you and the things we do.


Lunch with you. I was given a voucher the other day as a gift, delicious thai food. And I thought of you. I asked if you would like to join me, not at the restaurant but to takeaway and sit on the grass. You smiled and said yes.

I felt nervous now because I didn’t think you would say yes. maybe it is because I like you, maybe I have nothing to say. But we ordered and rode our bikes down to the park by the river. Kids playing on a rope swing into the water. I find a spot for me and you.

I want to savoir the day and soak it all in, the sights the sounds tastes, words and you. It is these moments with you that I love best.

nostalgia in aisle 3

Standing in the supermarket aisle I see many things. But in my mind I see all the fun times that I have had in the kitchen, laughs we have had cooking things together with your housemates.

Shopping with you, teaching me what to but, and where to get it. There are many thoughts tied to food that I hold dear.

Beatles are playing over head, it is not a happy song, and I feel it heavy in my heart. The timing of my thoughts and this song, the combination makes me feel for the people I miss.

Early morning’s and thoughts in the sun

I woke up with the sun streaming in. I felt dirty as I had not showered the day before, cooped up in my room doing the mound of homework I had due. But I feel a lot more comfortable now with my position and the work that I have done.

I need to clean myself up, I feel the filth of two day. And this room is a mess. Sweeping everything of my desk into the trash, I then take the trash can and place it just outside my apartment. I shower, wash it all way, and dry myself off, feel all the weight that had built up on me for the past few days slide away.

I feel that in life you have to work on things for a while to get them right, and always do them earlier than when you would want them.


my pathetic self. I am suck writing books looking for an answer within myslef asn I cant seem to find it outside of me. and in many ways this searching is is just a way to make me feel better about my excisitance. But I believe there is more deep down I believe there is more and I will search for it high and low, inside and out. To find what I am looking for.

How deep can I go inside my mind? This is a question I keep asking myself I feel like I am rowing a boat on a lake that is my consciousness. And below is the unknown. I can see my reflection and a little into the water were the sun is shining. But any deeper is a mystery. I want to explore it but it makes me nervous. What is down there? will it be dangerous? and can I come out safe if I decide I have had enough?

None of these questions will be answered unless I take the dive and look in. maybe I will wear some scoober gear to protect me. Or give myself a safety word so that I can leave if I get stuck. how about “bent on love” shall me my safety fraise as I am unlikely to use it when I type on here. okay so that makes me feel a little more comfortable. I look around the raft and see that there is not much here. All really dry as it has all been sitting in the sun all day. But there is nothing hear except a book of random words. I tuck it under my arm and fall backwards into the water. I splash into it and feel a shock of the cold water crowding around me. It feels heavy. Like a goo. I straighten myself up by using my hands and legs to paddle. I do not feel a shortness in breath at all. It is like this goop is allowing me to, well not breath, but not needing to breath. I felt it fill up my nostrals when I dived in.

I will explore further I will keep on searching….