melbourne thoughts

I was really stressed out not to long ago, feeling the weight of the world, and it moving at a different pace and direction to me.

I felt like I could not find air suffocated in a world of things, items and rules.

I put my books in my car filled up a drink bottle and just went for a walk. time to think.

walking through streets, crossing at lights, walking less crowded suburban streets, I eventually after a hour of walking made it to a river.

I watched as the water glistened. felt the leaves and the unpaved surface, along the river there was a path along the rock outcrop that followed the river downstream.

I followed, watching my footsteps, ducking under trees, and watching the river. I then reached a point where I was happy with that the land hand given me, peace of mind, connection, breathing space. I then headed home.

Since than I have been spending atleast 2 hours a day out in wilderness, on dirt paths, letting myself become overwhelmed, in best way, the only way nature can. The vast, untamed landscape with no one around.

Does nature overwhelm you? how do you connect with the land? what do you think about big cities?

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