Useless Enterprise

Useless inventions make me laugh, here is a link to a few funny designs. 🙂

I spend time thinking about all the useless things in my life. They have a purpose, but most of the time they are annoying, from this I started thinking about useless inventions and stagnation.

The Most Useless And Ridiculous Inventions You Don’t Need In Your Life

An Italian Artists Invents Useless Objects From Everyday Useful Objects (Photo Gallery)

Make no money and die alone

Lets say in this life you make no money and die alone.

Hear me out! If you are single and poor atm, can you come to terms it. Can that longing be escaped?

Would it be posible to get on with your life and be happy? Finding yourself.

The monster in the mist


This I just love! old op shop store paintings being reworked with elements of sci fi. I love how they have matched the colours so well, so that it seems like it could be part of the original image. So much talent, and great ideas.  This is my favorite style of art at the moment.

painting by Chris Mcmahon

work is play

One thing that I forget to do so often is have fun with what I am doing.

As not everything I do is intereting or excitng at uni or work, so what I need to do is

have more fun, make myself laugh and just not be so serious even when it is required.

how to sexualise a man

A Halloween Gender Binary

men are not sexualised the same way women are,

I have searched the internet and cannot find something that is equal.

were are all the sexy man costumes?