A look back at a year of success

Act 3 scene 3: 

success takes time. We had started our business but could see that it was going to take some time, and even though there was three of us, we could only work as fast as the three of us would. I felt many times that I was heading into another dead end. But the positive feedback we had receieved from people at markets, online and people that would pass our house where we had our designs on desiplay in a need little front garden that had a sign, “if you like a pot plant, take it and cherish it – all we ask is a small donation and some positive feed back”

We had a board where people could write things. This acceptance from the public was what was driving us, to know that we in some small way were making a difference.

“greet job”

“I like the idea, I wish I had thought of it”

“I love the colours, this will definitely suit my garden”

“my first plant, I am so excited”

“my daughter will love this, thanks!”

Sammy – I am happy working my job now as I can see a way out, this is my way out, it will take us sometime, but as long as we are together and stay motivated I can see us leaving our jobs oneday and just working for ourselves or in something a little bit more positive!

Ashley – Yeah we have come a long way in a year, i think a few more years of this and the wheels will be greased enough for it to run on its own.

We sat in the back yard of our little house, with potplants all around, our small courtyard this was our little haven now, it is something we are happy to come back to, it reminds us that we can do what we want and as given us confidence.

We are no more skilful than when we started, but to have something that has given us confidence, and from there we feel like we can do so much more. The excitement continues.

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