Funky gardening (story scene)

Act 3 scene 2:

The girls and I wanted to have a positive impact on the environment so on our walks we would pick up trash from paths and edges of waterways. We would recycle it place it in bins, but after a while we got thinking, can we do something with it?

So we started washing it, melting it down and turing it into jewerl, funky potplants and were selling them at markets. I am not sure if this will save the world, but atleast we can say we tried.

Sammy – a little blue dye and this bad boy looks amazing!

Sammy said adding dye to a pot of melting plastic, we would then squeeze the plastic out of a mold that is in a heated pressure tube to make these funky pot plants. Some were geometric, some would sag, each with a bright colour that we would blend with the plastic. Working with rubbish was our way of dealling with our emotions in this fast pase world that we found ourselves unable to have a voice following so many rule in place.

Ashley was painting a sign that read “ Funky Garden – pot plants made from recycled plastics!” this was just a small step, but for us the environment is the future, so thinking about it was a driveing force, it gave us purpose.

Jack – After a year of nothing I am able to use my graphic design degree skills.

Jack said standing up a poster that showed and explained how they did it, why they did it and what they hoped to achieve.

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