knock knock (full story)

ME: so I knock at your door

I hope I have the right address

Is there a bell?

HAYLEY: No there isn’t

knock away, and then stand and wait. looking around the street

I come to the door slowly and open it..

And see you.. Standing there looking all cute. I smile

I am happy to see you and excited that you invited me over this evening

I am wearing colourful jeans and a grey shirt it was hot today but now the weather has cooled.

: I’m extremely happy to see you. I’ve been waiting in excitement all day long

I embrace you with an arm around you holding your back drawing you into me

its these moments I like best

I get those butterflies in my stomach I always get when you touch me but I’m so happy to see you I ignore them..

I am hot and need a drink, asking for a glass of water

I rush to the fridge and get you a cold water

i grab it and our hands touch

I watch you drink it.. Concentrating on your lips



I see you staring at me and I smile.

I hold the glass and kiss you, slow and long

I am so excited I finally have you here

Kissing you finally

It feels amazing

your body near mine. you looking up at me into my eyes

I love your eyes. I get lost in them x

find it hard to get comfortable as I am so excited around you

 I kiss you, take your hand and guide you to the couch

We both need to relax

ME: Something is playing, we talk and laugh a little

I can feel your hand on me

HAYLEY: I can’t help but look at you.. You look back with a little smirk on your face that makes me melt

I feel your skin on mine

I move closer to you

there is a feeling between us it’s so strong

It is, very strong. My heart starts to race

I’m getting nervous

I go close we breath our lips so close we can feel each others breath

you breath me in a breath you  out

HAYLEY: I can’t take it anymore I must kiss your lips

I need to taste you.. I can’t control myself. You’re making me crazy

ME: I like to tease but I also like to give

giving you a little bit at a time, but with force so strong, as I kiss you with force hatf on your lips taking your love

I close my eyes.. Being with you is heavenly

I hold your shoulder and rub it

looking down your top, and at you with those closed sexy eyeses

 I am loving this moment. I can’t get enough of you

your smell your hair

should we stay here or do you want to go and do something?

HAYLEY: This can’t stop. I’m so into you I want more.

I am getting addicted to you.. Your sent. It smells so good..

ME: i put my hand under your shirt and feel your waist, feel your skin and how you enjoy my touch

I move it up our side and your back then cup your bra

I’m getting tingles feeling your hands on my skin.. The excitement builds more and more after every move you make.

I likr the way I can excite you. your top must come off. i want to see your beautiful curves and body

I love that feeling you give me every time you touch me.. Makes me fall for you more..

I let you take control

I will do whatever I have to do to make you happy and turned on



ME: this submission to me turns me on

and I ask you to take your top off

HAYLEY: I take it off.. And want to pull you closer

I ask you to stand up and undress, i want to eat you

I stand up and look at you while I undress in front of you watching your reaction when I’m standing before you naked and wanting you so bad

I feel my cock warm in my jeans I guide you by a han d to me, and I lay back on the couch, you climb on me stradelling my face

I grab your hands gasping for air.. I’m so excited.. You’re about to pleasure me. The one thing I’ve always wanted..

i grab your butt and thighs holding tight as i lick you, deep trying to eat all of you

I lean back moaning.. Trying to control the volume.. I’m feeling lightheaded. You’re turning me on so much

i lick and eat taasting all of you grabbing hard onto your butt

I take off my belt and throw it across you holding both ends so that you are unable to move from my face

I’m starting to shake.. I’m throbbing uncontrollably

I hold on tight, I  can feel you move

but I want to taste all of you I want to make you explode with pleasure

I start grinding on your mouth.. I want more even though I’m losing control I want more.. I want to cum for you.. I want to scream your name..

I feel your pleasure and your uncontrolled feelimgs and need to cum

my tongue in you

Your tongue is magic

I want to cum all over it

I can taste you and I am drenched

HAYLEY: I want to make you cum.. I’m guessing you’re hard. I want to taste your dick. I need to pleasure you. My favourite flavour..

ME:  I feel you have got it too easy, noe time to tease you

I let you go and breath in some air. I stand above you as you kneel

I take your jeans off and your underwear..

It’s quick.. I want you

I need to taste it..

It looks so good. I grab your dick and look up at your sexy eyes..

You smile

you can see my dick, my chest and me looking down at you im lloking up at you. this is my favorite vie wyou desperate for me

I am still holdig my belt

and I whip you a litl  on your butt

I like a bit of rough footage 😉

It makes more eager to suck your dick and make you explode

I hold the belt and then make a loop arund your neck, and pull it just tight enough so you can feel it’

 I love the control you take.. So hot. I feel like you own me. Like I’m yours and no one else’s..

that submissive behaviour make me so thick.

I can feel you getting harder as I suck more and more

The Taste.. It’s amazing. The flavour I love.

i pull tight holding you slightly away from my body, you look up at me, eyes begging to let you keep going and maky your master cum

And there it is.. My favourite flavour exploding into my mouth.. Loving life..

I cover you i hold tight on the belt, your tits oin full view

It’s tight.. I love it. I know now that I’m yours.

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