The Rockpool beneath my bed


The rockpool beneath my bed,

I let my food dangle, as my toes creat small ripples in the water,

fish swim about, some curiously, touch my toes before continuing on,

the deep blue, how deep I do not know,

once I rolled over in my sleep and fell into the cold, crisp water,

boy did I wake up that day, spashing about, pulling myself up, soaked,

dripping wet onto my white dry sheets that had just me washed and drried on the line that day,

the rockpool beneath my bed, what treasures you hold.

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Blood, water and pros


Words run through writers like water,

A chaotic mess, but with a few specs of gold,

words pump through me like blood in my veins,

But blood and water are no good if they run dry or remain stagnate,

When I am running short on words I like to got for a long walk,

fire up my internal engine, pump the blood again,

until I return with a flow of words ready to pour out onto the page.

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Living at home, strain on your sex life?

When you move back home but you still want to date, the sometimes dreaded conversation comes up and you need to Tell a date that you live at home.

So I have a date coming up and one topic I know will come up is do you live at home, well yeah duh? This is what happens when you live at home. But maybe I should ask “ do you have a problem with that?”  I think being up front is the best approach and maybe before shoving my grand plan down their throat.

I want save a bit of money, have the chance to make it in the creativie industry instead of working at a pub all the time. There is nothing wrong with working at a pub it is fun.

Jenny – So you live at home?

Me – Yes I do J Do you have a problem with that? Feel free to say so.

Well a number of things happened, My granddad died so I wanted to be around for my dad, and also I wanted to work less at the pub and work on low paying design jobs. I am lucky I have this option available.

Jenny – oh okay. That is great to hear that you have such a positive way at looking at it.

Title: A van in a drive way.

Walking back from the pub my arm around my date Alice, we headed to my house, well my van.

Alice“This is cool a great idea, tell me about your van?”

“I saved up and bought this van 6months ago. It had a lot of km on it, but I did want to drive it. The housing prices in Melbourne were insane and renting just sickened me, all my pay for what a bed? I was going to find a cheaper alternative and I found it in the form of an old motorhome. Its sleak curves and shape now outdated. It was really just a shell of a vehicle. I was going to live in it as a cheaper way to rent a house, so I was still paying utilities. “

Alice “Yeah?”

“The wheels gave the illustion that I could move at any time, but this unregistered bungalow on stilts was just my way of scoring cheap rent. I found a nice share house with a drive way. As much as I liked the outdoors, my roots lye in the inner city. And so I rented out the driveway. This took $50 a week of the rent so housemates where happy. And my van fed power back into the grid.”

Alice“Seems like you have got it all figured out!”

“Living in the inner city but disconnected from the many attached expenses. This was tricky but piece by piece I saved money but spending less. One thing I also did was disconnect myself from the internet… well mostly. This was hard as I had such an attachment to the internet. At the bottom of it all it is really just appreances. If this van looked like a dump I would not be able to park it here. One place I was living at I told them that I wanted to fix it up and them travel around the country in a year. I was fixing it up… and I was going to travel but they were not connected. this van is just a stationary home.”

Fucking on the roof, it is the middle of summer and we sat on the roof to watch the stars, after a few beers you asked for it from behind, your face pressed against the solar panel. The moon and stars watching on, I slide into you I can feel you. Your fingers stroking yourself as I fuck your 33 year old ass. The overhanging trees shade us from the street, this quiet street. As I thrust into you, your breath and lipstick fogging up the solar panel. Stars reflected in the black shine of the panels. You moan and cum, and I finish not long after your pulling at your hair. I roll of you, and we sit breath and hug. My arm around you your curled up into my chest, the titled solar panels acting like deck chairs. This is love.

you lose

I have had my fill and do not crave the constant attention, I could so with a breack from it all,

I think my open heart is now closing a little bigger over the new things that I have learnt,

I will be happy going my own way, until I burn my fingers again,

Morning yoga sounds exciting, laugh at my own jokes,

Cleaning up, externally, is the same as cleaning up  internally,

A glass of wine to start my day, cheecky,

Little outfits, as I play, reading letters all the better,

Wash my hair have a bath, I like things wetter,

Faces change but my feelings stay the same,

I learnt a lot from not having you around,

All I can say now is that I feel sorry for you, missing out.


A poem about dominate daddy little girl sex role play.


have you had anything fun to lick lately?

A cock to play with,

suck and lick but if I cum I will slap you

looking up and begging like a good girl,

Beg and plead while my mouth is full with your cock,

That’s better, good girls always beg,

I want daddy to unload on my face and then finger me like the dirty little girl I am, 

Yum, bent over my lap, spank, cry

I love it when daddy makes me cry,

Tears make me hard