So long grey

I have worn the melbourne grey for so long, trying to fit in and be successful, but I feel as though now, that this is not me and not what I want to be, and not the best rout to my happiness, so I say so long to all my grey clothing and hello to a happier colourful me.


So long to grey, black and pale murky colours,

you have been my go-to for so long,

but now I feel a difference,

the times are changing for me,

and the rainbows and patterns are calling me,

out of the wardrobe, strip sheets from my bed,

grey, black, and all the pale murky colours,

I say fairwell as I take you to market to sell at a price.

Tomorrow new sheets will be put down, new socks will be put on,

and clothing of all colours and patterns as this happy me, wants,

to be me inside and out.

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