Walk it of: walking of a bad day

After a long day when I am tired

when I have been staring at a computer screen to long

when I have been getting nowhere

I tie my shoe laces and then go for a walk,

I walk the street, through the park-lands, over hill

looking at houses, paths, soaking in my surrounding,

And then the day didn’t feel so bad, doesn’t feel so long,

maybe I could get one more project done, I have a few ideas!

Blood, water and pros


Words run through writers like water,

A chaotic mess, but with a few specs of gold,

words pump through me like blood in my veins,

But blood and water are no good if they run dry or remain stagnate,

When I am running short on words I like to got for a long walk,

fire up my internal engine, pump the blood again,

until I return with a flow of words ready to pour out onto the page.

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A walk at night

I went for a walk barefoot, so many animals out at night.

The smell of the sea air,

They light up between the trees, stars,

Hear waves when i am getting close

See wallabies bouncing around in their fluffy coats

No shoes on, warm night air,

Rabbits, birds

Bunnies back and forth everywhere

So much life close to the sea