No sleep ’til…


Update, I have been on holidays for the past few weeks, it has been fun. Fun to finally catch up on all the places, people and items that I wanted to. It has also given me plenty of time to learn new things, read books and draw. I am happy about that.

However one side-effect of not having a strict scheduled is that my sleeping patterns are a bit wack. I fall asleep at 2am, now 4am and last night I doesed a little but did not sleep at all. And even though I am really sleepy, wanting to rest my head on a pillow… so warm an soft and lovely, ah…. I wont! Because the theory is I can reset my sleep pattern if I stay awake… just like with jet lag. SO TODAY I AM AWAKE! well hopefully.

I have had one cup of coffee, I sip as I write down my thoughts and plan out my day.

To be continued….

out in the garden

I like to spend time out in my garden, mowing the laws, weeding the plants and playing with my dog. I feel I can think when I am out there, I can breath, and also I feel as though whatever was bothering me seem to shrink.

Out there between to ferns,

I feel the hot sun, I feel it burn,

My gloves shielding me from the dirt and my sun hat from the sun,

My mind races, and plunders over a sea of thoughts that race over me,

on this very hot, sun afternoon,

I think about business, university, life, death and love,

I think about clutter, uncluttering this garden,

untangling the yard and my thoughts at the same time,

I can not change my situation in one afternoon,

but I can change how I think and feel, and react,

to the magical world I live in.


Do you have a place or activity that gives you space? A place that makes your big problems small? Do you enjoy gardening?

Sunlight on my tried eyelashes.

I hate working outside, take me back to my dungeon,

People happy, people looking pretty,

Will you not,read over my shoulder, stop,

I need water, i need shade, out in nature, my health decayes,

I dont care if you are pretty, i dont know what id say,

Give me the sun for my skin, vitamin D for my thyroids,

Anything else, just a hazard of being outside.