Sunday funday

Title: hot in the city

Waking up in the heat, water, however warm it is, is my friend. I will back all my papers and bits and pieces into the car today. Thankfully I had I sheet and a jacket to cover myself, as I had packed all my blankets thinking it will be to hot for that after a few hot nights.

Title: making plans

What are today’s plans. Pack, shower, eat, bike ride? And folio. I have finished one of eight pages. So I better keep cracking with that And send of a few by the end of the week, maybe.

Title: dieting

I am full now, bacon, eggs, a sprinkle of vegitable stock cooked in three types of oil with spinage on the side. Yum. I have been going for the low carb high fat diet lately. As I think I eat way too many breads and pastas. I was feeling bloated a lot. With the change I feel as though I am a bit more clear headed. And emotional. That is different, but a good different. Like more passinate about where I am, whom I am with, and what I am doing. In the zone, maybe a better way to put it.


What to say about Sundays?

Waking up rather late, heading to the park to collect my thoughts,

Friends joining, to eat, watch and play

Telling tales of their Saturday night,

Getting cleaned up, making plans.

A smile and a wave, back to the doona cave, to rest the day away.