The Rockpool beneath my bed


The rockpool beneath my bed,

I let my food dangle, as my toes creat small ripples in the water,

fish swim about, some curiously, touch my toes before continuing on,

the deep blue, how deep I do not know,

once I rolled over in my sleep and fell into the cold, crisp water,

boy did I wake up that day, spashing about, pulling myself up, soaked,

dripping wet onto my white dry sheets that had just me washed and drried on the line that day,

the rockpool beneath my bed, what treasures you hold.

image unknown

No sleep ’til…


Update, I have been on holidays for the past few weeks, it has been fun. Fun to finally catch up on all the places, people and items that I wanted to. It has also given me plenty of time to learn new things, read books and draw. I am happy about that.

However one side-effect of not having a strict scheduled is that my sleeping patterns are a bit wack. I fall asleep at 2am, now 4am and last night I doesed a little but did not sleep at all. And even though I am really sleepy, wanting to rest my head on a pillow… so warm an soft and lovely, ah…. I wont! Because the theory is I can reset my sleep pattern if I stay awake… just like with jet lag. SO TODAY I AM AWAKE! well hopefully.

I have had one cup of coffee, I sip as I write down my thoughts and plan out my day.

To be continued….

Design Appreciation: The humble air mattress.


The humble air mattress.

The three images are the first air mattress, a vinatge air matress, the current air mattress and also a possible air matress of the future!

I take one of these every time I go camping,

It inflates with an attachment that plugs into the cigertte lighter of the car.

And packs down nicely into a small space in my car,

When I look at it, I feel thankful that I was born in the age of plastics,

as old materials may have been more rough and bluky, and expensive,

as the air matress is rather cheap.

I take a look on the internet at old designs,

I love the colours, and the boxes,

There we such great designs back in the day.

It was used in the house, as a pool toy and then eventually for camping.

” The first air mattress was invented in 1889 by the Pneumatic Mattress & Cushion Company in Reading, Massachusetts.”

Wow I did not think they went that far back, and made of rubber.




what I am grateful for today

  1. that after two early nights I am feeling more on the level.
  2. I am greatful that I understnad the importance of resting
  3. That I have some time to myself to do things like weeding and spending time in the garden.
  4. That I am able to take some time to watch some cartoons that I have not had the chance to watch.
  5. That my room is cleaner than it has been in a long time
  6. that there is lots going on in melbourne that I can be a part of
  7. That my friend circle is growing and there are more happy people in my life.


no… well rarely, but I want to dream, the idea of dreaming is exciting

I was in a forest, the trees around me so vivid. A lady yelling, standing tall, holding a sharp pare of scissors, a few other people stand nearby, the yelling continues, then she stabs herself and blood staines the lovely fabric of her dress… and then I wake up.

I had a dream today…


I don’t remember my dreams, but the other day I did. I could vividly remember being in a forest and the intense and abstract events that followed. I like the idea of dreaming and  have read a few ways to induce dreaming. I am excited to give each of them a go. Fill the pages of my dream journal that is currently untouched.