Friday: dazed and confused

Title: 10am automatic

Waking up like clockwork regardless how late I went to sleep, I can feel the heat making my skin sticky and gross. Thankfully I wont be spending the summer here. I am moving out. Heading back to my folks this summer.

Title: skype

I am getting side tracked what was I doing again? Making a skype call, wasting time. I need to go down to the gallery today. But I don’t know what time. It will be open. Chatting on cam, to a person I only half know. People love to watch other people masturbate. I do to, but only if we maintain eye contact.

Title: groan

I take the things out of my closet and lay them on my bed. These I will pack  into my car. I will begin the first stage of moving today. On this hot sweaty day.

I can’t even think straight. My mind is a blur. I feel not the best. I think I am still hung over, trying to string words together. But the pain of thinking and doing is making it hard.