again again again

I wont ever see the same people again.

No need to wait or hold the door. What for?

I will not see these faces again.

I want to stay here happy in my own skin, not worried if our paths will cross again, because they wont.

Not with you not with anyone, and I can be myself  because if I be silly no one will know.

I can run jump, paint and draw, as I am only walking forward in this journey no time to stop for you.

Our paths may cross for reasons unintended.

A happy moment and a wave goodbye from me and my body.

I won’t ever see these same people again

myer briggs test


I remember a few years ago we took the test at work as sort of a team building exercise.

I can not remember the results I got, but remember everyone was surprised that I got a very extroverted result, when I was very quiet at work (usually hungover shhhh) heheh.

what do bloggers get? have you taken the test?

Always smiling,


image from google.