Title:  Blonde Sanders and the Paper people. ( draft/ Science fiction)


I was sitting the lunch room, eating a cheese sandwadge, not because I was hungry, I like cheese, I was just pasing the time. I had also been flolding origami animals. I made a swan, and several smaller swans I lined up behind the mother swan, I sat back and admired my creations. You need a hobby on these long scouting missions.

I was sent here on a scouting mission as my ship explored each planet one by one in this solar system.

You can’t understand a planet just by looking from above. I was given, a 7 water shots that will last the week, and 10 food shots so I don’t go hungry. Though I am happy to fast for a few days, hunger keeps me sharp and alert.

I packed them into my backpack. Along with the usuall emergency supplies: oxygem helmet, ray gun and first aid kit, and of course my intergalaxtic passport. I am always forgetting that.

I arrived on the planet in what seems to be mid morning. The locals we a little startled as I made such a racket coming down. But I made the intergalactic greating and began my tour of the planet.

I look around at all the quaint houses, neat in every way. The ground, the buildings, even the sky had a neat proper perfect look to it. It took me some time to put my finger on it why things looked so neat.  I placed my hand up against a building and absurved its texture, and thats when I got a paper cut. A yes, this world is made of paper, paper roads, paper buildings, paper clouds in a paper sky, and paper people walking on by.

I spoke to the locals and followed a crowd to a town meeting. There I spoke to the mayor and asked if someone could show me around. He got his assistant to show me around. A paper lady, with paper hair curls.

“Greetings I am Blonde Sanders” – I said out aloud. In an all too loud voice.

“ hehe, no need for such formalities, you sound like you are from a 1950’s space film. Carrie is the name. I am the assistant to the mayor at Paperville” –  Carrie said with a smile.

on an origami world I met an origami girl.

We had much to talk about my human world, and her paper thin world.

Her skirt hung of her paper thin waste, with just the right folds.

We went a park to watch ducks swim on a blue paper lake,

And although I cannot live here, and live on paper spaghetti with a red paper sauce, with paper cheese shavings. I am not meant for this angular world.

Sunday session: poems and thoughts

Title: Sleep in


Leave me in the middle of a dreeaam,

It-does- not-mean, I don’t love yooou,

Leave me in the middle of a dreeaam,

Better things come gradually, I’ll see you soon,

let our paths cross naaaturally,

Leave me in the middle of a dreeaam,

Hearts onto, I feel it too, Another sleepy feeling,

a branch down low, let me leeean, let it go,

oh no

Leave me in the middle of a dreeaam,

A want to be, but all clouds I see,

Hope this is not all, my heart will fall.

Leave me in the middle of a dreeaam,

It-does- not-mean, I don’t love yooou,

Title: Genius

Resourcefulness, unintended uses, working with nature,

These are things that amaze me; you cannot by my wonder in products,

My heart and mind, ponder yonder,

Uninspired by rich decisions, so I’ll make my own,

Look within myself, contemplate, look around the world, and further contemplate

Title: Community loan

What if like investing in a company you can invest in the community

How will it work? What would be the drawbacks? Will this turn evil? Will you make your money back?

Say you invest in a community garden, going by a percentage, you are given a percentage of fruit that you can either eat or reinvest by letting people sell, gift to others.

These have names, like membership or subscription. But I feel if we judge it like we would the stock market; there is a chance that we will be more understanding of a bad harvest or a good one.