Dating site reviews

Looking to date, make new friends in your area, or just bed someone with a pretty face?

Here is a small list of popular dating sites that I have at the time to try, and reviewed based on my own experiences:

Tindr: If you have a strong stomach to get ignored, and insulted. Then this is the place for you, many shallow people flock to this one. You can post selfies, and the more ironically lame you are the better. Though this is only a phone app. If you are looking to chat with semi-nervous people, you can find plenty here. I have had many long conversations on here, and enjoy the chat windows.  It is easy to lose track of many hours when you are on oasis. easy to use on the computer, not so great on the phone, as It will not give you notifications.

Blendr: works well on both as a phone app or on computer. Blender is a great way to make new friends. I found many upbeat people looking to chat, hangout and explore the city.

Okqupid: Okc has a chat window, but normally replies can take a long time as many users are much more chilled with their online time. Replies can take anywhere between 30 seconds and 1.5 months. Basically it is email based and feels very much like snail mail.  So be patient with people. Write a decent length reply give your letter a kiss and hit the send button.

To sum them up! Like any dating site you have to put yourself out there, say how you really feel. But also be aware of how things may be interpreted or misinterpreted. looking at you Cougargal69 who’s opening line is “stop asking for sex!” hehe.

So take your time, talk to people, get to know them. Hope this has be helpful.

Good luck