January’s theme

I like to set a theme for each month when writing or just generally in my day to day. And at new years I was thinking about my past and how I want to go forward into 2016. I thought about things I was proud of. And a few things I could say that I was proud of were a collection of paintings I painted for a gym two years ago. It took me a summer to complete, but people I know still bring it up in conversation. And I think about some of the projects I have started but not yet finished. They could be great but need extra work to make them into something great.

So with that I came to the idea that “committed” would be january’s theme. I have stuck at a few small projects and have worked hard on them to get them up to a professional standard. And with that I feel more pleased with myself, my work and my life.

What is your word of the month? how would you sum up how your month has gone so far?

Well 2016 is everyone’s sweet 16! So go forth and live with purpose. 🙂


Thoughts on a Friday afternoon

Title: not worth it

I hope everything of yours is gone. You gross me out. I feel bad that I let you into my life, but now I have stripped back everything you touched and thrown it in to be washed. Including myself. Scrubbing away, until I do not feel your presents again.

Title: Reading nook

I am proud of my books, all lined up neatly along my window nook. Books from my travels, books I have reread, books on my list to read. But now with technology, my books are becoming obsolete. Ebooks are easy and I can always take it with me. I will cherish my time I had spent with my books, and will continue to read them and more. The future is now.

Title: 1969

I am transported back to a time where things seemed a bit more free and easily.

The thriving see life of the tropics. In all its beauty be cast of as cheap in the right light.

I sit back at a friends place and complain about how the world has passed me by, drongos following me around, making my wallet run dry.

I am tired trying to look collected in my shades.

I want to be free follow the coastline, feel the waves beneath my dingy.

The sand so calm, the stepping back onto land after a long boat ride.

I feel alive. Life is simple away from the masses.

There is no one around to help, but also no one around to hinder.

A little girl below the jetty, pretty and blonde, I wonder what her name is I wonder what she is doing down there.

In time I think things will reveal themselves.

But for now I need some time on my own, in a room of ones own.

This place is a mess, I need to clean it out before I undress.

My dog sniffs out trouble, but I am thinking elsewhere.

The sea so blue in the background, makes me feel small.

This is not a bad thing I must understand, it is there to help me deal with my thoughts, turn my big head into something small.

Title: done with purpose.

Easier to write than to do.

For in my thoughts I can make anything happen.

I can make the sky turn blue, bring me to you.

I can make my homework done in a flash, And my past and future rewrite itself.

But I do not feel the accomplishment I would feel if I had done it for real,

Maybe I am just not imagining hard enough.

Title: The back of my mind

Trapped in my mind. I wanted to see what was inside, really dig deep and see what I hide. But now that I am here the door has closed the water filling in. I am washed away into a part that I am not familiar with. I know it is me, but now I begin to wonder. So deep in my thoughts I have travelled. Now trying to find my way out. Colours rich and glowing, blues and greens, thick jungle surronds me, I have not been this far before, and I am beginning to scare myself. These thoughts are so primal, so exotic, so forgine to me. But here they are they must be mine. I am told we only use 10% of our brain, I feel as though I have travelled deeper than that, thick sludge around my feel. In my mind, somehow I am not alone.

Thinking out loud on a Thursday.

Title: Washing machine

I feel the pain in my tired eyes, my tired hands and wrist,

Lift them up, but feel the weight of the world pushing them down, pushing me around.

I try and stand up, only to slip, to have the ground move beneath me.

I will not let this stop me, I keep on pushing on, putting my energy on trying to compose myself, and stand up straight.

But what is the point? When this is not how to get where I want to be, I need to go with the cycle, go with the flow, be washed away.

I need the water and soap to enter my fabric, to feel drenched, to be cleaned of all my thoughts, and give room to new thoughts, ideas and experiences.

Purge myself of the past, hang me out to dry, colours bleeding, me in my true form. Fabric, frail but ready for anything.

I stand tall on the line, basking in the afternoon sun. I am me, not individual, but I am me, and I will make use of myself to my full potential, Absorb the dirt of the world. By don’t let that get me down, it is okay, I can be cleaned once again.

Title: traveller

Do I love to travel? Or am I told to?

I have travelled a lot in my short time and I hold those memories dear, but the notion of travelling more does not thrill me. I am not filled with a deep desire to research places, I am content working hard at the things I enjoy here in this city.

Previously when I travelled I was searching for something, I had many terrible jobs, felt unloved, and believed strongly that I was somehow missing out. But with my sence of purpose in this world and current work/school life interest I feel that I have found something worth sticking around for.

But travel, will I travel again where to? And for what reason?

Tax ideology

There is inequity in how tax is paid here I Australia maybe the world,

Paying off accountants to find loopholes, I’ve earnt it you say?

But let’s think, what is a quick fix, something obvious, something that hurts,

Luxury cars, brought with this money stripped from the community,

Well I would like to stop time, just for one night, venture out with my merry men and women,

Gone in sixty seconds, Nicolas cage style,

Change the deeds from coal miner, you single mother, and average family,

You have worked hard for it, you didn’t even realise you earnt it,

See happy faces driving around town,

It’s yours now, don’t believe me? Here there are no self-awarded crowns.

Sunday session: poems and thoughts

Title: Sleep in


Leave me in the middle of a dreeaam,

It-does- not-mean, I don’t love yooou,

Leave me in the middle of a dreeaam,

Better things come gradually, I’ll see you soon,

let our paths cross naaaturally,

Leave me in the middle of a dreeaam,

Hearts onto, I feel it too, Another sleepy feeling,

a branch down low, let me leeean, let it go,

oh no

Leave me in the middle of a dreeaam,

A want to be, but all clouds I see,

Hope this is not all, my heart will fall.

Leave me in the middle of a dreeaam,

It-does- not-mean, I don’t love yooou,

Title: Genius

Resourcefulness, unintended uses, working with nature,

These are things that amaze me; you cannot by my wonder in products,

My heart and mind, ponder yonder,

Uninspired by rich decisions, so I’ll make my own,

Look within myself, contemplate, look around the world, and further contemplate

Title: Community loan

What if like investing in a company you can invest in the community

How will it work? What would be the drawbacks? Will this turn evil? Will you make your money back?

Say you invest in a community garden, going by a percentage, you are given a percentage of fruit that you can either eat or reinvest by letting people sell, gift to others.

These have names, like membership or subscription. But I feel if we judge it like we would the stock market; there is a chance that we will be more understanding of a bad harvest or a good one.

Personal space

I’ve been here twice, I perceive you as nice. You wont go away, so come here and stay.

Your love not a waste, small cut to shape. Jet black and white. Project your voice as I hold you tight. Mixed up in your personal space.

Submit to me at the end, I swear I’ll be nice.

A purpose for me is written in you.