Sunlight on my tried eyelashes.

I hate working outside, take me back to my dungeon,

People happy, people looking pretty,

Will you not,read over my shoulder, stop,

I need water, i need shade, out in nature, my health decayes,

I dont care if you are pretty, i dont know what id say,

Give me the sun for my skin, vitamin D for my thyroids,

Anything else, just a hazard of being outside.

1 year anniversary

Many a time I have forgotten where I am,

How long have I been in this place, an hour? A year?

The length of time dawns on me, and I can feel it sinking into my heart,

What have I done in that time, how have I shown my love for the place I stay?

Exists as I choose, they say,

But what if I am not right to choose?

I am chilled, relaxed, floating in the stream of life,

though today I feel like I am stuck in the reeds, not a bad place to be

help me, guide me

Hearts on the third floor

Title: time on your hands

Uplifting, but I want to be down,

Do you have time to stick around,

I want to be alone with my thoughts,

But want you ready when I am

Title: light switch

Turn down the light,

I find it awfully bright,

my eyes are tired my mind to.

Let them both be, and I’ll smile onto you.

Title: Drowning  without water

I hurt out here in space,

A space without you, head ringing, closing my eyes

Its like everything we have ever done, I have ever done screaming in my head,

I am alone, physically, but surrounded by 25 years of memories,

Running deep in every direction, Like a sea, fighting hard to stay afloat,

Eyes open, Its gone, and I am alone.

Title: washing powder

What a mess, I want to scream, get out, get lost,

I feel dirty, shower myself, hose this place,

Spit out the sickness that is building up sitting here.

Sunday session: poems and thoughts

Title: Sleep in


Leave me in the middle of a dreeaam,

It-does- not-mean, I don’t love yooou,

Leave me in the middle of a dreeaam,

Better things come gradually, I’ll see you soon,

let our paths cross naaaturally,

Leave me in the middle of a dreeaam,

Hearts onto, I feel it too, Another sleepy feeling,

a branch down low, let me leeean, let it go,

oh no

Leave me in the middle of a dreeaam,

A want to be, but all clouds I see,

Hope this is not all, my heart will fall.

Leave me in the middle of a dreeaam,

It-does- not-mean, I don’t love yooou,

Title: Genius

Resourcefulness, unintended uses, working with nature,

These are things that amaze me; you cannot by my wonder in products,

My heart and mind, ponder yonder,

Uninspired by rich decisions, so I’ll make my own,

Look within myself, contemplate, look around the world, and further contemplate

Title: Community loan

What if like investing in a company you can invest in the community

How will it work? What would be the drawbacks? Will this turn evil? Will you make your money back?

Say you invest in a community garden, going by a percentage, you are given a percentage of fruit that you can either eat or reinvest by letting people sell, gift to others.

These have names, like membership or subscription. But I feel if we judge it like we would the stock market; there is a chance that we will be more understanding of a bad harvest or a good one.

Time is running out

Waking up Sunday, not relaxed but stressed,

Things I have not done, not spread out over the weekend, has all become paramount,

Food shopping, assignments, hygiene, cleaning,

It can be done, I just need to relax, can I feel calm?

So today, I may not get to sit in the park, breath in the air with friends,

Though why look at the bad?

Delve into the mundane, and what fun can be had.

Should I be worried?

I care about you, you tell me how your friends catch you smiling at work when your thinking about me,

coming from you, that means a lot to me,

we have been seeing each other for months,

But plans are in motion for me to leave,

I stay the night and kiss you good bye, not forever just a holiday with my friends,

when I get home you are not interested in meeting up, I visit you, spend time, but you are not really there,

You talk sometimes about an old friend who lived with you, Him hiking through Canadian wilderness,

How he might be coming home,

I smile, but know something is not right between him, you and I,

You take weeks to call back, make plans and never show,

It is all happening so fast, and ever so slow,

It’s heartbreak for me, don’t tell me, I already know.