The noise

As part of my 10 minute stories I have writen this scene carring on from an earler scene I wrote. what-was-that-noise?

Act 5 scene 1

That sound, what is that sound, it going to drive me metal. I can still hear it ringing in my ear. I walk down the street and turn at a T intersection and follow the road all the way down to the main road. The traffic is there, but something odd has happened, there are hundreds of cars as usual making there way to the freeway or on there way up to the contry side. Or just going about their day. But something peculiar is going on here. I look all the way down the main street and realise that all the cars are not moving.

Did they also hear the sound that I heard? Was the sound that strong to so many different people? There was something about that sound that shook something inside of me. I walk in between the traffic that is now stationary to the middle of this normally busy road and look up and down it as far as the eye can see cars stationary.

Did a sound really do all that.

“Ashley!, Ashley!” I hear my name being called as someone rushes over. “Did you hear that noise? It was right in my head!” I small girl asks me, I know her as a family friend. I nod my head and look back down the street.

“Remarkable” I say looking at all the traffic that has stopped. I don’t think I have ever seen this town so quiet or so still. It is almost eiry with all this traffic not moving. Like we are frozen in time.

I head back home. Walk back the way I came turning at the