Thoughts not said.

Dear K,

You intimidate me. It is okay that you are a strong independent woman, I need more heroine like you in my life. But it’s a strong feeling I get when I read your profile, that says “no”. no explanation why you’d reject me, just a “no”.

I did not messaged you straight away,  I thought I would take some time to think about the things you wrote, pictures you posted and just think about you for a moment, and assess how you make me feel.

You are sexy, and when I look at you I only want to have my way with you. But intellectually we may not be compatible, you are smart, but comes across as cold. It may not be that you are cold, maybe you are just content with yourself and your life.

I would like to here more about your learning experiences, and what things in science take hold of your interest? I have a love for weird, resourceful and sustainable.

chat soon,