Walk it of: walking of a bad day

After a long day when I am tired

when I have been staring at a computer screen to long

when I have been getting nowhere

I tie my shoe laces and then go for a walk,

I walk the street, through the park-lands, over hill

looking at houses, paths, soaking in my surrounding,

And then the day didn’t feel so bad, doesn’t feel so long,

maybe I could get one more project done, I have a few ideas!

A walk at night

I went for a walk barefoot, so many animals out at night.

The smell of the sea air,

They light up between the trees, stars,

Hear waves when i am getting close

See wallabies bouncing around in their fluffy coats

No shoes on, warm night air,

Rabbits, birds

Bunnies back and forth everywhere

So much life close to the sea

wolf and prey

Out in the field, I chase you,

my paws feeling the reeds, yellow and green,

earth on my feet, sun warming my heart,

you look back for a moment,making sure I follow,

your scent travels to me in the breeze,

I can smell your body, and curves,

you blood pumping with excitement, beneath your soft skin,

closing in on my prey, fixed on you,

the chase, the hunt, it has all come to this,

for me and you.