Hippie love dance poem

You tell me animal energy is beautiful, and hold my hand to the horses head.

You ask me to find you in another place, you give me the wrong address,

You tease and love, but I know you want me there because you care,

You read my star signs, and tell me I’m alright,

It seems like you have lived, with more life, but we are both 24,

I’ll follow you, if you follow more.

Let’s get fat together

I am at my desk when you come in, and flutter down onto my bed. Your dress spreads out like a squashed balloon. I get the impression that I was meant to be somewhere today. But as I do, I get caught up in my work.

You look over the large fruit bowl on the coffee table in the middle of the room. Selecting carefully an apple from the pile. I can hear crunching as you enjoy a few bites, covering your mouth with a finger as you chew.

“So are we going to do this?” You say.

I look up, swing my chair around. Before taking a final look at my work. I pick up a piece of fruit in answer to your question.