Me: We need to cum

You have to cum

Hayley: I want to cum

I need you to cum

Make us cum

I start to slow as I feel it build in me.

Kiss me

I kiss you

I kiss you

You taste so good during sex

I want to cum

I feel release, as it flows building to The end of my cock

I’m almost there

You’re just that good

You know how to make me cum

And I cum. Cock throbbing as it flows out of me

I feel you explode in me

Love that feeling

I breath and lay on you

I hold you

You look so hot

I can feel you breathing

I breath

I kiss your forehead

Thanking you for making me feel so amazing


I would like to give it to you, a massage
Sounds awesome 😊
And I bet your hands are magical
Id hope so, relax you, take away the stress. starting with your shoulders and neck and head
I’d love it
Anything to take away the tension from work
yeah i can feel a lot to tension, so i will work on you for a while
Perfect 👌
I feel better already..
where else needs attention?
My back needs it. And my legs
My body is exhausted
okay, I get you to remove your top and pants and lay down on the table, as I kneed my hands and elbows across your skin working in circles from your shoulders to your ankles
Wow.. Feels magical
I feel at ease
It’s giving me tingles all over my body
I rub your thighs, all up and down your legs relaxing all the muscles
and up to your shoulders and neck again.
I like your hair and your back.
its a good few from behind you, so pretty.
and I am sure you are enjoying my hands too
Yes I am.. I am so relaxed. Loving every moment.
Although I have that butterfly feeling you always give me..
tell me more
Every time you touch me or look at me I get butterflies.
You make me feel nervous but amazing at the same time
I’m addicted to the way you make me feel.
I wouldn’t have it any other way
I work hard on your muscles, up and down your body.
and then spank your butt

Ooooo You get my attention

I help you to kneel with your but presented to me. and I spank again as you feel it rocking forward and back for more
Feels so good. I’m getting nervous again
My heart begins to race a little
I kiss your back and say I will take a shower now. undoing my clothes and walking to the bathroom. I leave the door slightly open
I lay there for a minute
Wondering if I should join you
I see you slightly through the door way
I want you
I’m hoping you give me a sign

Favorite flavor

Mark:  So we wake up in the moring, and put on some clothes, underneath are bathers we know where to go down a path, between the trees, to the water, just you and me. have a towel that I lay out. to put our things on, and have a nice long swim. its only you and me here so lets jump in

HAYLEY: You jump in a head of me, I slowly walk into the water.

The water is cool, but its getting warmer. trees all around no one can see, except for the sun, shining down on me

I look at you, you smile at me.

I swim out to you

I welcome you in

I get closer

Can’t wait to reach you

I continue to stay afloat out in the water

I finally reach you

I just want to wrap my arms and legs around you

I try to control my thoughts..

I hold out my hands

our fingers touch, it feels so nice, to be with you hear, make me cum twice

You look so good in water.. I want you to pull me closer

I wrap my arms around you, your head on my shoulder

i feel you body, so close to mine, my hands in your hair, pull it, your lips come to mine, moments like this makes me know you are mine

I have butterflies.. Can’t believe this is real

There’s no one for miles.. Just you and me.

move on down into the water, taking down your bather bottoms, place your legs on my shoulders, sndaing there at the bottom, and you with your head, breast and hands above water. I can hold my breath, as i lick you

I close my eyes.. I still can’t believe this is real. I feel like I’m floating on air. You make me feel so amazing

I spend time, licking it all my tongue in you

The pleasure.. There are no words to describe it

I begin to shake

you can feel my mouth, all below, in and out

I want to pull your head closer

I can’t control myself

I start getting noisy

You have a hold on me.

I grab your butt, and push my tongue in as deep as it will go

licking your insides

I can’t hold back..

I try but I just can’t.. You make me lose control

I just want to scream your name and hear it echo for miles

I grip hard on your thighs.

i am running out of air you better cum quick

It’s getting closer. I can feel it. I can feel how bad you want me to cum..

And there it is..

That feeling of relief

And deep breathes

with a tap from you on my shoulder, to let me know its done, and your body relaxing, I let go and float on up

I’m all smiles for you

I kiss you once and swim to the bank, lay on out I need a rest

I slowly follow you..

I breath in fresh air, and hold my head back sun in my hair

I join you. I lay there reminiscing..

Enjoying the sun.. The vitamin d

our bodies dry, our feet in the water, taking your hand for us to sit on the towel

your hand on my chest a leg on me. I breath in slowly you can feel my heart beat

you rub my thigh, you want to return the favour

Being close to you makes me nervous

I’m in another world when I’m with you

I feel your heart beating.. I watch you. All relaxed.

So calm

It is peaceful just you and me, here all alone, out in the bush, to share our love

I’m enjoying touching your body.. Looking around.. Seeing and hearing nothing but nature.

We have all the privacy we need to share all our love

I want you, and you want me. you rub my thigh again, to let me know you want to return the favor, tasting me your favorite flavor

I kiss you.. Letting you know I’m going to return the favour.

Down I go..

Craving it

There it is.. The one part of your body that has a hold on me.

I look at it. I touch it. I grab it. I stroke it.

It’s getting hard.. So quick

thick is my dick

Then I look up at you.,

I give you a little grin

Then I begin to suck you off..

The taste is so good I can’t describe it.

I feel you enjoying it. Makes me want you more

I control my breathing. and feel you begin

I take it deeper and deeper

I gag a little but it doesn’t faze me

I want to please you.

Make you cum.. Make you feel what I felt in the water

I feel your mouth and tongue, tasting me, all around my cock

I don’t want this to end

You taste so amazing

It’s like I’m addicted to you

I throb some more, somehow im bigger

It gives me so much pleasure pleasing you

I’m so wet.

I am getting close to exploding

Its all built up to this

All I can think about is feeling you exploding in my mouth at this point. I can feel it. That moment is near

I grab hold of you, as you slow down, I can feel it pump out, so much

And I take it all in

Every last drop

your love for me, your lust for me, your favourite flavour, my thick cock.

my love for you is unlike any feeling I’ve ever felt

My lust for you is indescribable

You will always be my favourite flavour