My ideal office

I have been thinking about it for a while, but still a little sketchy on the details. What would be my dream office? What would make it so great?

  1. to have a garden around the outside  of the office space, where you are allowed to spend time tending to the vegetable patches and plants.
  2. has a kitchen where we cook communal meals
  3. tables and chairs on the roof to sit and watch the city skyline.
  4. Mandatory bright colourful crazy clothing to be warn in office.

Hmm that’s all for now. I would like to add to this list.

what is your ideal workplace? what would make it so great? Are you working a dream job?

what I am grateful for today

This is a daily routine I do, post a list of things that I am grateful for. This list is posted for two reasons. For me to notice, reflect and appreciate the good things I have in my life, and also to inspire others to think about the good things that they have in there life. 🙂

  1. that I have many friends that want to spend time with me
  2. That I have people in my life who are interested in similar things to me
  3. That is is so easy to access a wide variety of ingredients to cook with
  4. That my cooking skills have expanded and I am able to cook a variety of dishes
  5. That I have so much to look forward to with designing and social functions
  6. I have pets that want to play with me and I can spend time with while I am at home alone.

what I am grateful for today

  1. that after two early nights I am feeling more on the level.
  2. I am greatful that I understnad the importance of resting
  3. That I have some time to myself to do things like weeding and spending time in the garden.
  4. That I am able to take some time to watch some cartoons that I have not had the chance to watch.
  5. That my room is cleaner than it has been in a long time
  6. that there is lots going on in melbourne that I can be a part of
  7. That my friend circle is growing and there are more happy people in my life.

what I am grateful for today

  1. that I was able to apply the skills I had learnt across several months into the one project I had today.
  2. to have a better understanding of myself then I did yesterday
  3. to have a warm space I can study in this winter
  4. to have friends that make the effort to connect with me
  5. that I have found things that I love and enjoy.