thinking of what you said

Hi there, this email might seem smiple and light hearted, but  I have thought it over several times in my head, how else would I be able to sound so interesting,

Saying the wrong thing makes me nervous,

Short snippets of knowledge I must admit I am obsessed with as well, once I gobbled up most of TED talks there are a few other channels on youtube that I like to watch QI, school of life, friendly jordies, and girl from Victoria retells stories of achient mythis really well.

I have a jack russle, who likes to sleep on the end of my bed when I am doing assignments.

Your puppie,

All this love and affection on a Sunday night when I could not care less,

I have to understand that this is momentary and that it will go away,

Just like my friend from perth, one day we were chatting, the next I don’t hear anymore, I would like people to say that they will be busy for a while, but I feel like people don’t think of that when things come up and plans are made, free time disappers with a busy mind.

Foolish heart of mine

I would like to build something new, with or without you,

compose my feelings for you, they were good, just not for you,

In my garden I need fresh air, I’ll cry my tears, soak in the soil,

Oh how it feels like years, something new will grow

In this foolish heart of mine


I am not scared of welcoming you into my heart, burn me,

new love is never far, I’ll carry on with a little scar,

You don’t need me and I sure don’t need you,

You don’t need me and I sure don’t need you,

In this foolish heart of mine


You like the way I think and always want to meet,

for a time every text you sent makes my heart beat,

For a while you liked my sappy thoughts, listen while your wounds heal,

I’ve been there before, but I wont claim to know how you feel,

It is your heart, and a big deal,

But in time you will realize that you have everything you need, in you,

Your wounds will heal and seal me out,

this foolish heart of mine


Thoughts on a Friday afternoon

Title: not worth it

I hope everything of yours is gone. You gross me out. I feel bad that I let you into my life, but now I have stripped back everything you touched and thrown it in to be washed. Including myself. Scrubbing away, until I do not feel your presents again.

Title: Reading nook

I am proud of my books, all lined up neatly along my window nook. Books from my travels, books I have reread, books on my list to read. But now with technology, my books are becoming obsolete. Ebooks are easy and I can always take it with me. I will cherish my time I had spent with my books, and will continue to read them and more. The future is now.

Title: 1969

I am transported back to a time where things seemed a bit more free and easily.

The thriving see life of the tropics. In all its beauty be cast of as cheap in the right light.

I sit back at a friends place and complain about how the world has passed me by, drongos following me around, making my wallet run dry.

I am tired trying to look collected in my shades.

I want to be free follow the coastline, feel the waves beneath my dingy.

The sand so calm, the stepping back onto land after a long boat ride.

I feel alive. Life is simple away from the masses.

There is no one around to help, but also no one around to hinder.

A little girl below the jetty, pretty and blonde, I wonder what her name is I wonder what she is doing down there.

In time I think things will reveal themselves.

But for now I need some time on my own, in a room of ones own.

This place is a mess, I need to clean it out before I undress.

My dog sniffs out trouble, but I am thinking elsewhere.

The sea so blue in the background, makes me feel small.

This is not a bad thing I must understand, it is there to help me deal with my thoughts, turn my big head into something small.

Title: done with purpose.

Easier to write than to do.

For in my thoughts I can make anything happen.

I can make the sky turn blue, bring me to you.

I can make my homework done in a flash, And my past and future rewrite itself.

But I do not feel the accomplishment I would feel if I had done it for real,

Maybe I am just not imagining hard enough.

Title: The back of my mind

Trapped in my mind. I wanted to see what was inside, really dig deep and see what I hide. But now that I am here the door has closed the water filling in. I am washed away into a part that I am not familiar with. I know it is me, but now I begin to wonder. So deep in my thoughts I have travelled. Now trying to find my way out. Colours rich and glowing, blues and greens, thick jungle surronds me, I have not been this far before, and I am beginning to scare myself. These thoughts are so primal, so exotic, so forgine to me. But here they are they must be mine. I am told we only use 10% of our brain, I feel as though I have travelled deeper than that, thick sludge around my feel. In my mind, somehow I am not alone.

Hearts on the third floor

Title: time on your hands

Uplifting, but I want to be down,

Do you have time to stick around,

I want to be alone with my thoughts,

But want you ready when I am

Title: light switch

Turn down the light,

I find it awfully bright,

my eyes are tired my mind to.

Let them both be, and I’ll smile onto you.

Title: Drowning  without water

I hurt out here in space,

A space without you, head ringing, closing my eyes

Its like everything we have ever done, I have ever done screaming in my head,

I am alone, physically, but surrounded by 25 years of memories,

Running deep in every direction, Like a sea, fighting hard to stay afloat,

Eyes open, Its gone, and I am alone.

Title: washing powder

What a mess, I want to scream, get out, get lost,

I feel dirty, shower myself, hose this place,

Spit out the sickness that is building up sitting here.