Friends that spend too much money

I am cheap, I like to not spend money, and I am a student. But I  also like new things and it is fun to go out to brunch like everyone else. Though constantly buy new things is tiring I find. This blog post is my little rant about friends of mine who spend too much money.

I don’t care what people do with their money, it is their choice.

But what I don’t like is when all our adventures, hangouts and activities are heavily reliant upon buying things and spending money. What ever happened to the picnic? Playing with toys we already have? I feel like something is lost in this heavily consumerist world. Or maybe I am just bad at being a good consumerist? ha!

This weekend I have a game, to spend 3 minutes appreciating an object, any object. I have yet to work out the details but I think it would be fun.

Do you have friends that like to spend? Are you a saver or a spender? What activities do you like to do that doesn’t cost you anything?

Pokemon go!

are you hooked on the game? have you heard of it? hate it? or is this news to you?

either way it is happening and it is big, big enough to wake up this sleepy town and have people walking in search of pokemons to collect!

I like it, some same the game is basic, but I like that people go out in small groups with friends, parents with their children. Even in the middle of winter to walk. At this point in time, the fact that more people are outside being social brings a smile to my face and warm happy feelings right in the middle of winter.

what are your thoughts about Pokemon go?

always smiling,