The Rockpool beneath my bed


The rockpool beneath my bed,

I let my food dangle, as my toes creat small ripples in the water,

fish swim about, some curiously, touch my toes before continuing on,

the deep blue, how deep I do not know,

once I rolled over in my sleep and fell into the cold, crisp water,

boy did I wake up that day, spashing about, pulling myself up, soaked,

dripping wet onto my white dry sheets that had just me washed and drried on the line that day,

the rockpool beneath my bed, what treasures you hold.

image unknown


no… well rarely, but I want to dream, the idea of dreaming is exciting

I was in a forest, the trees around me so vivid. A lady yelling, standing tall, holding a sharp pare of scissors, a few other people stand nearby, the yelling continues, then she stabs herself and blood staines the lovely fabric of her dress… and then I wake up.

I had a dream today…


I don’t remember my dreams, but the other day I did. I could vividly remember being in a forest and the intense and abstract events that followed. I like the idea of dreaming and  have read a few ways to induce dreaming. I am excited to give each of them a go. Fill the pages of my dream journal that is currently untouched.

Patchwork scar


Heartbreak? Maybe,

I would like to think of it as my heart opening up a little more to the world,

A piece of me I gave you, everything I gave was real,

It may be scary, I know,for me to go it alone,

carrying this fresh scar,

Patchwork to join the heart growth where it burst,

Not to cover or mend the hurt,

I have lost you and to me that is a big deal,

I wont pretend to know how you feel,

Don’t mind me just picking up the pieces of my heart and tears of the floor,

sow it together in my own time, patchwork scar