Design Appreciation: The humble air mattress.


The humble air mattress.

The three images are the first air mattress, a vinatge air matress, the current air mattress and also a possible air matress of the future!

I take one of these every time I go camping,

It inflates with an attachment that plugs into the cigertte lighter of the car.

And packs down nicely into a small space in my car,

When I look at it, I feel thankful that I was born in the age of plastics,

as old materials may have been more rough and bluky, and expensive,

as the air matress is rather cheap.

I take a look on the internet at old designs,

I love the colours, and the boxes,

There we such great designs back in the day.

It was used in the house, as a pool toy and then eventually for camping.

” The first air mattress was invented in 1889 by the Pneumatic Mattress & Cushion Company in Reading, Massachusetts.”

Wow I did not think they went that far back, and made of rubber.





lovers anthology.jpg

Dear readers,

I have some time on hand, and like to gift,

to make an anthology of things I have wrote,

but more importantly,

got me thinking, how do you celebrate your blog?

have you made an anthology before or something similar?

this has sparked way to many questions I wish to ask, but have not thought of how to say.


Always smiling,

Lily Plum.

Sunday session: poems and thoughts

Title: Sleep in


Leave me in the middle of a dreeaam,

It-does- not-mean, I don’t love yooou,

Leave me in the middle of a dreeaam,

Better things come gradually, I’ll see you soon,

let our paths cross naaaturally,

Leave me in the middle of a dreeaam,

Hearts onto, I feel it too, Another sleepy feeling,

a branch down low, let me leeean, let it go,

oh no

Leave me in the middle of a dreeaam,

A want to be, but all clouds I see,

Hope this is not all, my heart will fall.

Leave me in the middle of a dreeaam,

It-does- not-mean, I don’t love yooou,

Title: Genius

Resourcefulness, unintended uses, working with nature,

These are things that amaze me; you cannot by my wonder in products,

My heart and mind, ponder yonder,

Uninspired by rich decisions, so I’ll make my own,

Look within myself, contemplate, look around the world, and further contemplate

Title: Community loan

What if like investing in a company you can invest in the community

How will it work? What would be the drawbacks? Will this turn evil? Will you make your money back?

Say you invest in a community garden, going by a percentage, you are given a percentage of fruit that you can either eat or reinvest by letting people sell, gift to others.

These have names, like membership or subscription. But I feel if we judge it like we would the stock market; there is a chance that we will be more understanding of a bad harvest or a good one.