January’s theme

I like to set a theme for each month when writing or just generally in my day to day. And at new years I was thinking about my past and how I want to go forward into 2016. I thought about things I was proud of. And a few things I could say that I was proud of were a collection of paintings I painted for a gym two years ago. It took me a summer to complete, but people I know still bring it up in conversation. And I think about some of the projects I have started but not yet finished. They could be great but need extra work to make them into something great.

So with that I came to the idea that “committed” would be january’s theme. I have stuck at a few small projects and have worked hard on them to get them up to a professional standard. And with that I feel more pleased with myself, my work and my life.

What is your word of the month? how would you sum up how your month has gone so far?

Well 2016 is everyone’s sweet 16! So go forth and live with purpose. 🙂