thinking of what you said

Hi there, this email might seem smiple and light hearted, but  I have thought it over several times in my head, how else would I be able to sound so interesting,

Saying the wrong thing makes me nervous,

Short snippets of knowledge I must admit I am obsessed with as well, once I gobbled up most of TED talks there are a few other channels on youtube that I like to watch QI, school of life, friendly jordies, and girl from Victoria retells stories of achient mythis really well.

I have a jack russle, who likes to sleep on the end of my bed when I am doing assignments.

Your puppie,

All this love and affection on a Sunday night when I could not care less,

I have to understand that this is momentary and that it will go away,

Just like my friend from perth, one day we were chatting, the next I don’t hear anymore, I would like people to say that they will be busy for a while, but I feel like people don’t think of that when things come up and plans are made, free time disappers with a busy mind.