Sharing a moment where we would both rather be

:  :       Paul: What are you doing/thinking?

:  :       Rebecca: i   watching tv thinking about the sea

:  :       Rebecca: at night

:  :       Rebecca: 🙂

:  :       Rebecca: must be very peaceful

:  :       Rebecca: wish i could go there one day

:  :       Paul: Waves going bavk and forth. Cool sand on your feet.

:  :       Paul: Moonlight on the waves

:  :       Rebecca: full moon?

:  :       Rebecca: beautiful

:  :       Rebecca: drinking ch pagne haha

:  :       Paul: Trees rustling, tracks in the sand

:  :       Paul: A mat to sit on, toes in the sand

:  :       Rebecca: mmmm

:  :       Rebecca: 🙂

:  :       Rebecca: great for meditating

:  :       Rebecca: the sound of the waves all night

:  :       Rebecca: when you fall in and out of sleep

:  :       Rebecca: its very calming

:  :       Paul: Strong heavy crashes of waves, slowly sloftly sinking away

:  :       Rebecca: with a booming sound

:  :       Rebecca: and then a soft hiss

:  :       Rebecca: crabs scattering across the beach in the moonlight

:  :       Paul: Watch there outlines

:  :       Rebecca: their bodies shine

:  :       Rebecca: and shimmer

:  :       Paul: Open the bottle have a sip

:  :       Rebecca: its soft and fruity flavoured

:  :       Rebecca: ah this is a fun g e

:  :       Rebecca: the bubbles dissolve on your tongue

:  :       Paul: Sharing the bottle passing it back

:  :       Rebecca: pouring it into tall glasses

:  :       Paul: Cheers

:  :       Rebecca: laying back on the mat staring at the stars

:  :       Rebecca: looking at constellations

:  :       Rebecca: thinking about the fact you are looking at the past

:  :       Rebecca: thinking those who have died might be there

:  :       Rebecca: somewhere

:  :       Rebecca: your mood starts to change and you drag yourself back into the present moment

:  :       Rebecca: appreciating the sea

:  :       Paul: Hear it, breath it in

:  :       Rebecca: it clears your mind

:  :       Rebecca: nothing is that bad anymore

:  :       Rebecca: life is worth living for the moment

:  :       Rebecca: you forget your unhappiness and start to really smile

:  :       Paul: Feel it within

:  :       Rebecca: it comes over your body

:  :       Rebecca: like a warm feeling

:  :       Rebecca: the ch pagne is going to your head

:  :       Rebecca: you feel abit giddy

:  :       Rebecca: and a little tired but relaxed

:  :       Rebecca: you have good company

:  :       Paul: A late night to share

:  :       Rebecca: their presence brings you calm

:  :       Rebecca: and happiness

:  :       Rebecca: 🙂

:  :       Rebecca: how   i doing?

:  :       Paul: Great.

:  :       Rebecca: sweet

:  :       Rebecca: you feel as though you could fall asleep right there on that mat

:  :       Rebecca: you feel so comfortable and in good company

:  :       Paul: Another glass, the bottle won’t last

:  :       Rebecca: thx lol

:  :       Rebecca: you can hear tjhe music from a party in the distance

:  :       Rebecca: sometimes loud and sometimes drowned out completely by the sound of the waves

:  :       Paul: Far enough to be alone

:  :       Rebecca: its romantic music

:  :       Paul: Yeah?

:  :       Rebecca: love songs from the   s

:  :       Rebecca: ?

:  :       Rebecca: and some beach boys

:  :       Rebecca: it feels abit like a lynch film

:  :       Paul: This place these sounds in a moment of its own disconnected from the world

:  :       Rebecca: mmmm 🙂

:  :       Paul: Sit here, or care to dance?

:  :       Rebecca: do you dance?

:  :       Paul: Now is your chance! Hehe

:  :       Rebecca: i can show you a waltz lol

:  :       Paul: Id like that

:  :       Paul: Stand facing you, feet and hands following your direction

:  :       Rebecca: i hold your hands and tell you to move your feet with mine

:  :       Rebecca: slowly

:  :       Rebecca: side to side

:  :       Rebecca: we move side to side

:  :       Rebecca: in the moonlight

:  :       Rebecca: some water rushes over our feet

:  :       Paul: Cool and bubbly

:  :       Rebecca: we stand in the water not really noticiing it

:  :       Rebecca: and laughing cause its funny to be dancing

:  :       Rebecca: oh i forgot you put your arm around my waist

:  :       Rebecca: you start to get into the rhythm of the waltz

:  :       Rebecca: and follow my movements

:  :       Rebecca: counting one two three

:  :       Rebecca: one two three

:  :       Paul: Your waste is small, I like the feel of the matetial of your dress

:  :       Paul: I focus on the dance

:  :       Rebecca: haha i   blushing at your touching my waist

:  :       Rebecca: i also have my hand on your waist

:  :       Rebecca: over your shirt

:  :       Rebecca: focusing on trying to teach you

:  :       Rebecca: but embarrassed

:  :       Paul: Sweaty hands

:  :       Rebecca: yes me too

:  :       Rebecca: we are smiling

:  :       Rebecca: and laughing

:  :       Rebecca: then i put my head on your shoulder

:  :       Rebecca: and we waltz like its a school dance

:  :       Rebecca: it feels so relaxing

:  :       Paul: Around and around in ankle deep water

:  :       Paul: The rythem of the dance

:  :       Paul: Rocking bavk and forth

:  :       Rebecca: the water lapping our legs and angles

:  :       Rebecca: the bottom of my dress is getting wet

:  :       Rebecca: rocking back and forth like in a trance

:  :       Rebecca: 🙂

:  :       Paul: Dre y

:  :       Rebecca: you like that?

:  :       Paul: Yes i do

:  :       Rebecca: me too 🙂

:  :       Rebecca: you reach down and kiss my cheek

:  :       Rebecca: very soft and sweetly

:  :       Rebecca: i melt

:  :       Paul: My hand on your waste

:  :       Paul: The other feel your fingertips

:  :       Rebecca: your hand tightening on my waist

:  :       Paul: Give you a squeeze

:  :       Rebecca: i wrap my arm further around your back

:  :       Rebecca: 🙂

:  :       Paul: My and rubs your back as we dance slowly

:  :       Rebecca: it feels comforting

:  :       Rebecca: i kiss your left cheek

:  :       Rebecca: softly

:  :       Rebecca: and then your right

:  :       Rebecca: slowly and softly

:  :       Rebecca: your skin feels warm and soft

:  :       Paul: I feel wet lips on my skin,

:  :       Rebecca: beneath my lips

:  :       Rebecca: good?

:  :       Paul: I enjoy your effection and squeese your hips and smile

:  :       Rebecca: our waltz changes

:  :       Rebecca: i put my arms around your neck

:  :       Rebecca: and you put both hands on my hips

:  :       Rebecca: and we move from side to side

:  :       Paul: I feel your shape.

:  :       Rebecca: you kiss my forehead

:  :       Rebecca: slowly and delicately

:  :       Paul: Hips move beneath a pretty dress

:  :       Paul: I taste you

:  :       Rebecca: my forehead tastes salty

:  :       Paul: Hehe

:  :       Rebecca: lol

:  :       Rebecca: you move down and kiss my nose

:  :       Paul: I can see you smile in the moon light

:  :       Rebecca: our eyes are interlocked

:  :       Rebecca: i caress your hair

:  :       Paul: I can feel the warmth of your body radiate.

:  :       Rebecca: you lean down and kiss my lips softly

:  :       Rebecca: and delicately

:  :       Paul: You breath out and i breath you in

:  :       Rebecca: i cant breathe

:  :       Rebecca: my head is spinning

:  :       Paul: I hold you

:  :       Rebecca: i put my head back on your shoulder and keep dancing

:  :       Rebecca: getting closer

:  :       Rebecca: our bodies

:  :       Rebecca: hugging

:  :       Paul: We drift into knee deep water

:  :       Rebecca: i can feel your heart beating fast

:  :       Paul: I like it here

:  :       Rebecca: in knee deep water?

:  :       Paul: Sharing it with you, the beach, the night, the dance

:  :       Rebecca: oh i like it too

:  :       Rebecca: there is no other place i would rather be

:  :       Paul: I kiss your forehead

:  :       Rebecca: it feels nice

:  :       Rebecca: and abit wet

:  :       Rebecca: our eyes are locked on each other

:  :       Rebecca: the whole time

:  :       Rebecca: my hands wrapped around your neck

:  :       Rebecca: caressing your hair

:  :       Paul: I watch your reaction as i feel your sides.

:  :       Paul: I have mixed feelings

:  :       Paul: Head out deeper or go sit on the mat on the sand

:  :       Rebecca: which would you prefer?

:  :       Paul: I would like to float a bit and then dry off. Watch your dress float around

:  :       Rebecca: i shiver abit at your touch

:  :       Rebecca: but i like it

:  :       Paul: I hold your hand and lead you out

:  :       Paul: Up to your belly

:  :       Rebecca: i   a little scared

:  :       Rebecca: and abit cold

:  :       Paul: Tell me your fears

:  :       Rebecca: sharks? lol

:  :       Paul: To shallow

:  :       Rebecca: so what next?

:  :       Rebecca: are you tired sweetie ?

:  :       Paul: A little but enjoying myself. Ill sleep when i   ready

:  :       Rebecca: ok

:  :       Paul: I like feeling the cool water, your dress floats up to the surfaces and dances like an octopus. My shirt soaked through

:  :       Paul: Are you sleepy?

:  :       Rebecca: a little

:  :       Rebecca: go on

:  :       Rebecca: i   enjoying this

:  :       Rebecca: i feel your wet shirt against my body

:  :       Paul: My hands in yours. Staring at you, i touch your shoulders. Run down your arms

:  :       Paul: My hands under the water, on your bare sides under the dress. Eyes on you

:  :       Rebecca: it feels nice

:  :       Rebecca: i like the way you look at me

:  :       Rebecca: i shiver at your touch on my bare skin

:  :       Paul: I hold you against me.

:  :       Paul: I bring a hand up, hold your face and kiss your open mouth

:  :       Rebecca: your body feels warm

:  :       Rebecca: your heart is beating like a rabbit

:  :       Rebecca: your hand moves up and down my leg

:  :       Paul: I feel your thigh

:  :       Paul: I pick you up, and hold you against me, your legs wrap around me

:  :       Paul: A hand on your but and thighs

:  :       Rebecca: your kisses are harder

:  :       Rebecca: your tongue is in my mouth

:  :       Rebecca: i can feel you against me

:  :       Paul: I squeese your butt

:  :       Rebecca: hehe

:  :       Rebecca: do you feel weird?

:  :       Paul: I feel something good.

:  :       Rebecca: it sounds promising though 🙂

:  :       Paul: So i walk you out onto the beach. Sit down on the sand, pick up a glass each and look at the stars, snd think this moment, we only existed within it

:  :       Rebecca: yeah 🙂 it was a really nice moment

:  :       Rebecca: you are sweet

:  :       Paul: Maybe next time i can walk you down the beach to that party.

:  :       Paul: Okay goodnight dry that dress hehe

:  :       Rebecca: and you dry your shirt. have nice sweet dre s 🙂

:  :       Rebecca: goodnight

:  :       Rebecca: (hug)

A short story in the making?

I am aiming to turn one of my poems into a short story. I thought it would be nice to post my progress either chapter by chapter or the whole thing. I went with the whole thing. Here is my first attempt. enjoy! 🙂

Title: 2015: Tax ideology  (short story progrees)

Poem: Tax ideology (chapter titles)

  • There is inequity in how tax is paid here I Australia maybe the world,
  • Paying off accountants to find loopholes, I’ve earnt it you say?
  • But let’s think, what is a quick fix, something obvious, something that hurts,
  • Luxury cars, brought with this money stripped from the community,
  • Well I would like to stop time, just for one night, venture out with my merry men and women,
  • Gone in sixty seconds, Nicolas cage style,
  • Change the deeds from coal miner, you single mother, and average family,
  • You have worked hard for it, you didn’t even realise you earnt it,
  • See happy faces driving around town,
  • It’s yours now, don’t believe me? Here there are no self-awarded crowns.

Chapter summaries

  1. Travis at 25 realised more and more about the inequality in the world, and while speaking to a friend joked about how he would change it. This joke seemed very plauseable, and scary if it had consequence.
    • This is not about how I feel towards inderviduals, just how I feel how to tax system does not fairly represent the money that is made in Australia. And how I feel towards destruction of our natural beautiful land. Its these strong feelings that drove me to make a plan and send a message.
    • Facts: (have facts jotted at the end of each chapter as a reminder to myself and a reminder to the people why I am doing what I am doing) Once minded it will take 200000 years for the land to recover, every day 20000 fish are taken from our oceans, this will not
  1. But how to do it, first you needed to track down the cars, with a reporter friend Travis made on tinder they made an interview will all the fat cats in Australia asking about the cars they drove, making a doccumatenary, they were more than happy to show there pride and joys, this doc was screaned across Australia.
    • There are many reasons why I am doing this, but I am making a forceful change as the rich got that way from playing the system. And now that they succeded we turn around and say play fair. Mmm no, I understand where they are coming from, and don’t think great experctaions is the way to go. For me I will play the system. I will make it work and I will successed. Determination is in my mind.
  1. Now how to get the cars from here to somewhere else without anybnody noticing in one night. This would be a big plan, that needed extra hands Taking most if not all his advice from gone in sixty seconds. Travis made this happen
  1. People woke the following day to see cars in ther yards with notes on there windscreans , saying it is theres and there is no joke to be had.
  • A man got out his crowbar, knowing whos car this was, his boss that fired him 2 months ago, taking the crowbar to the windshield hard and fast
  • To get a car to every middle class worker on the census, was something of a chalenege, I wrote notes saying that today, you can drive but tomorrow if you want to trade for a bike or food, or just sell it you can. With a smile at the end of the note
  • That day there was traffic chaos everywhere, cars banked up everywhere, but many did not care, as they were enjoying eating chips in a $200,000 car. Sauce stains on the seat.
  1. Due to a legal technicality, if the fat cats made any attempt to get the tax back from the community, they will have to backpay their tax, this message only served as a warning to be more generous to there workers, the environment, and to when paying their tax
  1. Travis overjoyed with the change he had made in the world, went and got drunk in the afternnon with his friends, it was a hot day and steped on a snake, bitten and in shock he fell back into a ditch where he hit his head, laying unconscious he later died from both the poision and the fall.
    • The funny thing about losing consciousness is that your mind doesn’t register the last view seconds when your head it’s the floor, so for you you only see up until a second or two before you actually loose consciousness. Maybe it has to do with short term and long term memery. Maybe not, either way, Travis is dead now.

thanks for reading. I hope I have the time again to add to it, and make it grow into something nice to read.