Small towns do it better

Title: nervously undress

I think I will start from the start so that you understand how I got here. I heard that Jessie was back in town, home for the university holidays. We never really hung out but I knew him through friends. Anyway, I was on a dating sight the other day and noticed him. I quickly added him and started up a conversation. Like anything, “let’s fuck”. Isn’t the best way to start these things wo we began talking about the weather. His art and what he and I plan to do over the summer. Me I have never left this town, I have had a few jobs but never really found my place in this big bad world yet.

Jessie was funny, and very intelegent. But neat and professional were not his skills. I put in my opinions on how to make his artwork more presentable and we ended up talking for ages, long into the night. I dreamt about him that night.

In the morning I woke to a few text I must have fell asleep while we were still chatting. At this point we had not spoken in person and I wanted that to change. But what if he didn’t like me? What if my chubby face and skinny body with bearly any tit was an instant turn off? I know this not to be true but I can’t help these thoughts from creeping into my head.

Title: The date

Nirvana was playing overhead. I have not heard this song for so long, I have mix feelings about it, it reminds me of school and all those terrible times, but still think it is a nice song. I had asked Jessie to join me after his show. I was in the crowd with many people looking at his works of art. I think some of my advice helped but the talent, skill and dedication was all his doing. I walk inbeween walls of paintings colours, shaded and many emotions projecting themselves inmy direction.

There was a ceremony, wine and cheese shuttled around, and then the crowd started to disperss a little. I got his attention a little later in the evening. And he thanked me for coming to his show. I said “that’s something you say to your mum, you can thank me in other ways”. And I grab hold of his hand and lead him out a side door. It was a dark night, warm and very overgrown in this part of town. I found a slope where we sat down my dress sprawled. I could here a creek not to far and still see the lights from the town hall. I think this is one of the best things about small towns, if you want to be very alone, you just have to take a short walk of a main track. So great to make out in the shadows.

Title: cum with me.

My tits, your dick. My mind is clouded with thoughts of you. I want to get off and I want you to get me there. When I think of you I think of other times we have fucked. The feel of your cock in my hand as you ejaculate, I watch your love juices explode out of your body, and on to my shoulder, tits ands trickle down. So full and white. Love is more than just getting off as an indervidual. It is about spending time making you cum, and that makes it all the better when its my turn to explode.

I love your clean body, contrasting with all the tattoos I have. The difference looks so nice. I love tattoos on me, but don’t like them on men. I am selfish and think they only look good on women, but that is just my personal opinion. I like the way your fingers trace over the artwork, spending time with your fingers and tongue licking the ink. I lean back streach out and press play on the CD player. The tunes start up, fucking music. I wonder if those artist know that so many people have come with the sounds of there voices and instraments.