Friday love poem

your curves, your body, thick in and thin in all the right spots, I like the way you move, the way your skin touches mine, make me smile, make me pine, for you, and only you! image:

Daisy chain

I chase what I can’t have to hold, being followed by what can’t have me, around and around the daisy Chain. image source:


From when we first met, this warm love made the world around us a blurry haze,

your mind focus in on what you want,

keeping only the good bits,

and stretches it out to cover every aspect

Only when it ends, and you look back,

Will you see it clear, a true image of me,

no love illusion here.

Ribs and Chips menu poem

I will visit you when you are home, to taste your meat and sauce on the bone,

With loaded fries, and a few things on the sides, medium 4 to 5,

crumbed breast, getting saucy,

Mexican, american, middle eastern on top,

Green salad for you, and German mustard for me,

drinks all round, bottled in blue,

I can’t think where else i’d be, then eating ribs with you.