my limits

I was out in the cold for a long period of time today,

and felt I had reached my limit when I could not type anymore,

it is great to see that I am making myself more familar with the cold,

as I will need to be used to it by the start of next year.

design history

I like to look a design history as a way to meditate on projects I am working on,

it allows me to have a better appreciation of systems, machines and practices.

How do you get in the right headspace when working on a project?

getting used to the cold

I am going on a hike in a few months and I want to get used to the cold,

I do my homework outside, I spend my lunches outside,

and hopefully soon i’ll do some sleeping outside,

I want being outside not to grind my gears,

I want to be comforatble with the breeze the weather, the glare on my screen.

still dreaming

I woke up with a image of you griding against me,

I happy feeling fills me and the room,

A hot day outside, enjoying a sleep in,

Your smile, your body, your lust,

The morning is made for moments like this.

design with what we have got

I see a lot of the world stuck with the perpetual motion of moving forward with design,

I see the rusted handles and overgrown plans, slitting wood,

and think to myself, I want to walk backwards in design,

use what is already there,

not to reinvent or innovate, but to appreciate.

cold nights made warm

I went camping two weeks ago and was freezing. I would like to be warmer next time I am out in the wilderness. I have read about double bagging, so having two sleeping bags that I will sleep in to create a warmer nights sleep I will try that out


looking in the wrong direction

I spent a lot of time looking for a lover that I had much in common with,

and we went and did exciting things, while also sharing a throbbing sex drive,

but it seems as though I had been searching in the wrong direction,

looking at date sites when I should have been checking out,

forums of similar interest.

a good read

I was waiting for a friend to get ready and I picked up a book that was sitting on there book shelf in their living room.

The White Tiger Рby Aravind Adiga

A very captivating read about a a recolection of how a man managed to get out the slumbs in india.