Lunch date poem

wake up late, for our lunch date,

I spend time getting ready, heal my soul and my hangover,

it’s peaceful in the street, not even a lawnmower,

I head down hill, you up hill,

to meet half way, that’s the deal,

The sun, and my love, that’s how I feel,

When I study with you, the rest is not real.

wolf and prey

Out in the field, I chase you,

my paws feeling the reeds, yellow and green,

earth on my feet, sun warming my heart,

you look back for a moment,making sure I follow,

your scent travels to me in the breeze,

I can smell your body, and curves,

you blood pumping with excitement, beneath your soft skin,

closing in on my prey, fixed on you,

the chase, the hunt, it has all come to this,

for me and you.


I turn the hot and cold taps to find balance. Closing my eyes, letting water fall over my face. Most of the time I see myself as frantic, a mess.

My hair washed and combed, then tied up. Order. Shirt, aftershave and teeth done. I am already very far from the person I woke up as.

Looking at the translucent glass, sun glaring in. Refreshed.