Lunch date poem

wake up late, for our lunch date,

I spend time getting ready, heal my soul and my hangover,

it’s peaceful in the street, not even a lawnmower,

I head down hill, you up hill,

to meet half way, that’s the deal,

The sun, and my love, that’s how I feel,

When I study with you, the rest is not real.

Personal space

I’ve been here twice, I perceive you as nice. You wont go away, so come here and stay.

Your love not a waste, small cut to shape. Jet black and white. Project your voice as I hold you tight. Mixed up in your personal space.

Submit to me at the end, I swear I’ll be nice.

A purpose for me is written in you.


I turn the hot and cold taps to find balance. Closing my eyes, letting water fall over my face. Most of the time I see myself as frantic, a mess.

My hair washed and combed, then tied up. Order. Shirt, aftershave and teeth done. I am already very far from the person I woke up as.

Looking at the translucent glass, sun glaring in. Refreshed.